There are number of free solitaire card games that are available in both the payable and download directly out of your browser form. Players can complete best high scores every time they play it. One can easily play these games wherever they would like to play. This fun card game is meant for the people of all ages. You can also make selection for the most unique kinds of backgrounds, themes, back styles and front styles that makes game even more interesting. Solitaire game is basically simple to play while this game also features daily challenges, Vegas mode, 4 card face styles, 12 card back styles, 10 table selection, draw 3 mode and auto complete to finish solved game etc.

Understanding object of the game

The first objective is to build each foundation in suit, in sequence and play into positions of certain cards. The whole pack is build onto the foundation and if one is successful in doing it then you can win the game. The rank of the game is categories in different forms from the high to low.

You may also know that there are mainly four kinds of piles in the solitaire game:

  • The main table is made with the seven piles together called the tableau.
  • The foundation is about the four piles on which the whole sequence or suit is build up. In most of the solitaire games, the four aces are base of the foundations or bottom cards. The foundation piles are diamond, spade, clubs and heart.
  • The stock pile is related to the entire cards that would not be laid on the tableau at the beginning of the game. The additional or remaining cards will be brought in the game as per the rules of game.
  • In case, cards brought up from the stock pile has no place left on the foundation or tableau then it would be laid up in the waste pile.