Do you have the right lift for the job?

Modern technology has allowed the manufacture of efficient lifting equipment for all sorts of jobs. The era of using ladders for complex tasks is gone. You don’t have to invest in a brand new lift when undertaking a project because rental companies allow you to get what you need at affordable prices. However, understanding how each lift is best suited for a job is imperative before you can sign that contract. Whether it’s a scissor, boom, spider or mast lift, it should be appropriate for the job if it’s to be of any use.Image result for Title: Do you have the right lift for the job?

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is designed to move up and down in a similar manner as a car jack, and that is made possible by the cross braces that are part of its structure. The height of the lift depends on its specifications, so ensure you have the right height requirements of the job. One advantage that a scissor lift has is a wider platform than its alternatives, and that means a more expansive workspace. You can have several individuals on the platform if the job obliges it. By choosing to hire a scissor lift can be extremely efficient and works just as well in a warehouse as it does on a construction site.

Spider Lift

If a job demands extreme manoeuvrability, then a spider lift is just perfect. Spider lifts are constructed with booms for stabilisation, making it possible to extend the platform when it’s needed. They can also be compacted to fit small spaces, meaning you can work on those nooks and crannies without over exerting yourself. There are different size variants from which to pick, depending on a particular project. Spider lifts best serve tasks such as window washing and landscaping

Mast Lifts

These machines are useful in circumstances where space is an issue. When you need to reach certain heights but the room available cannot accommodate a scissor lift, a mast lift comes in handy. However, you won’t receive the same flexibility or superior reach of a scissor or boom. Hire a mast lift when the tasks are straightforward.

Cherry Picker

Also called bucket lifts, cherry pickers are very portable because they can be used as road vehicles. These machines are designed with a boom, which contains a bucket at the end, and that is where the worker stands. This boom is mounted on a truck, meaning the lift can be transported from one location to another with ease. A cherry picker can carry a significant load in its bucket, and that is one of the considerations when renting one.

Boom Lifts

These lifts are wildly common due to the versatility they offer workers. Depending on the type of lift, workers can move up, down, sideways, up and over, backwards and frontwards. One type of boom lift is the telescopic variant whose incredible horizontal reach makes it possible to take on high altitude tasks. It is designed with an extendable arm that is attached to the boom. You can reach heights of over 80 feet with a telescopic boom lift; however, the bucket can only carry a single individual.

An articulating boom lift operates just as the name suggests- it can move the platform from side to side while the base remains in the same spot. The boom sits on a turntable, which lets it turn full circle. This mechanism allows a worker to move from one project to another on the same line without having to lower the boom for readjustments, subsequently saving time.

A boom lift can also be mounted on a work van or SUV and towed to different locations. The benefit here is that workers can manage to accomplish tasks without damaging the surface on which the lift rests, for instance, when working on concrete floors.

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Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes