Find the Best Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business (2021 Update)

Employee monitoring software is used for monitoring the work of employees at business firms or other places. In employee monitoring, employees are kept under the surveillance using different ways. Employee monitoring is done by employers in order to keep track of employees’ work, protect confidential information, and for various security concerns.

The employee monitoring software can track the work done on various devices like monitor, computers and even smartphones. They are mostly used by technology companies and business firms.


Teramind is renowned as a leading software for employee monitoring. It is a secure software for business firms and is also efficient in the cloud. The software has the ability to support tracking on Windows, Mac, VDI, Windows Server, VMware Horizon and also the terminal servers. The price ofteramind starter pack is $10 per user, per month. For teramind UAM, the price is $20.83 per user, per month and teramind DLP costs $12.50 per user, per month.

Following are the main facilities provided by Teramind-

  • Employee Monitoring

Teramind is useful in tracking and monitoring the actions of employees. It can track the files opened by the employee, time spent on work, prevent confidential information and other security issues.

  • Prevention from Data Loss

Teramind can protectt from data Loss through its special features like OCR, discovery of content, fingerprinting.

  • User Behaviour Analysis

Teramind can identify the behavior of the employee as well as his/her potential threats.

  • Monitoring of User’s Activity

Teramind has the ability to monitor and keep the track of the activities done by employee in order to prevent security policies.

Time Doctor

Time Doctoris a famous employee monitoring software founded in 2011. It tracks the duration of time spent on other apps during working hours. It tells the employer if the employee uses sites which are not work related and it also gives an alert if the device remains idle for longer duration during the working hours. It can monitor Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud device. Time Doctor costs $9.99 per user, per person. It also gives the facility of free trial to the users.

Work Examiner

Workexaminer was developed by EfficientLab. It is an on-premises monitoring software, and support Windows devices. Work Examiner do not work on the system of monthly fees instead; it charges a single licensing fee. This software is divided into two plans- Standard Plan and Professional Plan. It offers a free trial for 30 days with up to five clients. Its price varies as per the number of users –

Clare Louise

Clare Louise