The Biggest Sports Marketing Trends of 2021

Did you know that soccer is the most-watched sport with 3.5 billion fans worldwide? If you’re an avid sports lover, this may not come as a shock to you.

If you are a marketer, you may be thinking, “how can I use this information to my advantage?” The answer is through sports marketing!

Read our guide to learn the top sports marketing trends in 2021.


One of the best, and most fun, sports marketing trends is the use of contests. Fans enjoy contests just as they do the actual games and teams they are cheering for.

What do you have to offer your customers? How can you turn it into a contest that people enjoy tuning in on?

When you answer these questions, you’ll find that your customer outreach will rise.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are not one of the new sports marketing strategies this year, but it is just as effective as it’s always been. Brands and sports teams that align with each other find that they can almost double their audience.

Because marketing is so data-driven, brands are looking for new investments in partners.

Did you know that McDonald’s is the official sponsor of the NFL? Partnerships like this are what keep brands alive.

Another one of the sports marketing examples is Jamal Adams Instagram promotion.


Sponsorships and partnerships are often interchangeable terms, but they are vastly different. This is one of the best sports marketing trends in 2021 as sports are coming back and people are eager to watch.

This method involves visible tactics but not in-your-face techniques. How many times have you seen a brand logo on race cars, jerseys, etc.?

Think about it. We are sure you’ve seen a Nike logo here and there in sports marketing. It fits the market, so why not?

The point is that consumers trust the teams and players they love most. When they see them sporting a brand, that business instantly becomes more credible.

Getting a brand logo on a soccer jersey comes at a huge price, but with the worldwide reach it has, it is worth it.

The eSports Market

One of the biggest sports marketing trends during COVID was the rise of sponsorships and partnerships within the eSports market. ESPN does a good job of covering eSports leagues because it’s all we had for a while there.

There are also viral streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube that made people pay attention to this once forgotten market.

If you think your target audience is watching eSports, now is the time to reach out to those leagues for marketing answers. You can partner with players, teams, leagues, and even tournaments.

Play Your Hand in Sports Marketing

The sports viewing community is filled with potential customers that would enjoy your product or service. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to include sports marketing in your advertising budget.

With these amazing trends in 2021, you are sure to gain a new crowd if you implement your strategy correctly.

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Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes