How to Choose the Right Fonts for Your Website Design

Did you know that using certain fonts helps to increase trust between you and your readers? Fonts are a huge part of website design and they will make or break the user experience with how easy your fonts and web design are to look at and peruse.

While hiring a web designer is a solid option when you’re trying to pick the perfect font for your business or organization’s website, there are things you can do on your own to find the right fonts that suit your company’s graphic design and branding.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn some key tips that will help you find the perfect font for your website. Continue reading to find your favorite font today.

Picking Fonts for Your Website

There are a lot of factors that go into picking out the perfect font for your website. The right font says a lot about your business. Fonts can be fun or serious. They’re contemporary or vintage. It all depends on the design and message you want to give your customers and readers.

The wrong font is a great way to turn off people that visit your website in a hurry. Poor website design combined with a poor font choice will doom your website and business before it even starts. There are things you need to know when you get to this step of running your business that will elevate your odds of success.

Font Fundamentals

Fonts for websites are not different than any other type of typography in that there are basics that you need to know before you get started. This means knowing things like the difference between serifs and non-serifs. When it comes to asking the opinion of a design agency, you’re better off taking the sans-serif route for website design.

You also need to be aware of the amount of space surrounding the text you have on your website. Different fonts change this space a considerable amount. Another important thing to consider when choosing a font is the readability of said font. This is especially important when it comes to a website.

You should also try to avoid using hyphens if at all possible. Hyphens have a tendency to make things difficult when it comes to text on a website. If you plan on having large paragraphs on your website then you’ll also want to think about the margins you use and the alignment of the text on your webpage.

The last thing to think about when picking the perfect font is the contrast. The contrast is a big determining factor in how readable your font choice is when your website is up and running. Hiring a web design company like this company goes a long way.


One thing that makes choosing between different fonts difficult is the compatibility of those fonts with different web browsers. Browsers are in a state of constant change with lots of updates going on. You’ll want to choose a font that will be compatible with any changes and updates that occur on the main web browser options.

You’ll also want to ensure that the font you choose is a great fit not only for desktop computers but also for mobile devices. More people than ever are choosing to browse the web using their mobile devices instead of laptops of desktop computers.

A good plan is to test your website’s font across multiple web browsers and multiple devices to make sure that it looks perfect no matter the circumstances.

Web Font Service

Many companies that have websites opt to hire a web font service to help them with their website’s font. They specialize in helping to overcome technical issues that you’re likely to encounter during your web design process. Google Fonts is a great option when it comes to choosing a web font service.

Not only is Google Fonts free, but it gives you a good chance of finding a nice font that provides the compatibility you seek. There are other great options available but you’ll need to do your research on their pricing and terms of service before you sign up to use them.

These other web font service options are Adobe TypeKit and Fontspring.

Tone and Message

The font you choose for your website carries a certain tone and message. You’ll need to make sure that the font you choose matches the tone and message you want your website to give off. Getting a website font that clashes with the rest of your website design is a bad idea because it creates an unpleasant experience for your visitors and readers.

Make sure you get a good idea for how your font meshes with the rest of your website design. Determine if you want the tone of your font to be casual or more formal. Do you want simple text that is easy to read? Do you want large or small textface? These are important aspects of website design and font that you need to choose.

Font Loading Time

Believe it or not, different fonts have different loading times. It should come as no surprise that people don’t enjoy slow websites, so it is vital that you choose a font that doesn’t come with slow loading times. You could have the most mesmerizing font in the world but if it takes excessive amounts of time to load then it won’t help you or your website at all.

When you’re choosing fonts for your website make sure that you test the loading speeds on different browsers and devices. Try to find different ways to speed up your load times like changing your fonts to typefaces that load faster.

Get Picture Perfect Fonts for Your Website

There are tons of great and catchy options to choose from when it comes to choosing fonts for your website. There are also a number of important considerations to make when you’re picking these fonts. Think about font loading time and the message that you want your website’s fonts to present to your readers. This will help you pick out the best font for your website design.

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise