By: Karen Roe

You might be a real estate agent or you may be a homeowner, whatever the case when you are putting a property on the market you usually want to get it sold in the quickest time possible for the best money and the least stress.

In most cases, both real estate agents and home sellers have to be on the same page and work as a team to get things done. If you really want to get a property sold, covering all bases is your best line of attack.

In our list below you will note all of the steps you need to cover to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly. If you follow these tips you will see a significant increase in your chances of sealing the deal in a short period of time.

Get the Price Right

This is one of the most important marketing tips for selling a property. If you do not have the right price tag on your home, the following tips are going to be of little use. The right price, as well as the right agent, go together. Great agents know how to price houses correctly.

You Need to Interview a Number of Real Estate Agents

It is vital that you choose the right real estate agent. It is all too easy to make a bad choice. Do not rush this step and really look into their property marketing services they offer.

Make Sure That the Real Estate Agent Has an Amazing Website

We live in a digital age so this is essential. The site should look great and boast all of the agent’s listings.

Check Out the Track Record of the Agent

Does the agent manage to sell all of the properties that they list? What is the ratio of list price to the sale price? What is the average market days before a sale goes through? Is the agent up-to-date on the property market news?

You Must Get References

You will need to check out the experience of the estate agent you are considering. When you are looking for references, make sure they are handpicked.

Find Out the Process for Marketing Properties

You will want to fully understand how your home is going to be marketed, both online and offline. Carefully consider how they are currently marketing properties on their list.

Check Out the Listing Descriptions

Have a look at how the real estate agent describes current properties they are marketing. Do you think they have done a good job?

Ensure the Photographs Are Spectacular

Needless to say, the photos of the property are one of the most important selling factors. In fact, photography is one of the essential marketing tips for selling a home.

Videos Are Priceless

Does the estate agent like to include video tours as a marketing tool? This has become a powerful asset.

Slideshow Presentations

Videos are incredible, but slideshow presentations come in a very close second. They are affordable, especially when a video may be out of your budget.

Drones Are Your Friend

Drones are very popular right now. Drone photography lets you really go to town on marketing the neighbourhood, as well as the property.

Social Media Talks

Real estate agents who use social media as a marketing tool can go a long way in having a successful marketing campaign for your property. This tool has a greatly extended reach since people often use their smartphone for all sorts of social channels.

Make the Brochure Amazing

Having incredible marketing material is key to selling a home. If an estate agent uses black and white multiple listings sheet, they are not the right choice for you. A great real estate agent uses colour brochures and quality material.

Professional Mailings Are Your Friend

A listed postcard can reach an audience which may lead to a house sale. Print marketing is still powerful. To get the word out about your property, postcards can be a great choice.