Tips for Transforming Your Office on a Limited Budget

By: K2 Space

A creative and stylish workplace can significantly enhance the motivation levels as well as employee performance. By renovating the interior of your office, you can capture the attention of the workers, which will, as a result, improve morale and productivity. While the idea of revamping your office space may sound appealing, in reality, it can be rather expensive. With this in mind, we have a created a list of tips that will help you create a new and functional look without spending a fortune.

Employees Come First

Property costs often represent a very small percentage of a firm’s total overheads compared with employee costs, but the design of a workplace can have a substantial impact of staff morale, engagement as well as productivity. Even a small investment in the workplace has the ability to make a huge impact on your staff. To ascertain that the impact is positive, begin with your employees. Ask for their opinions and understand their needs and personal preferences including attitudes to space, ventilation, colour, light, and sound before you bring the office painters in London in for their professional opinions.

Bring Down the Barriers

According to research, collaborative working is more effective that partitioned offices and the traditional rows of desks. You should aim to create activity-based areas for socialising, one-on-one meetings, individual stations as well as zones for brainstorming. Introduce new technologies that will encourage more collaborative working.

Set a Budget and Make a List of Everything You Need

When planning an office revamp, it can be easy to get carried away with what you want to change regarding the space. As such, it is imperative to have a strict budget and make a precise list of everything you require which you won’t stray from. This will ensure that you only spend on the items you’ve already budgeted on.

Future Proof the Workplace

When revamping your office, you should be as future-proof and flexible as possible, in order to avoid later expenditure. Cloud and wireless tech can help free up space that’s usually taken up by servers. You should work with the design-and-build team to not only guard against future shifts but to also ensure that the space can be reconfigured easily in the future as per your business needs. Sliding walls, for example, can be an excellent way to achieve this.

Only Replace Carpeting in Areas with High Traffic

In certain areas of the workplace, the carpet tends to become tatty and worn. So, instead of spending a large amount to replace the whole carpet, you can consider just laying a new one in regions with high foot traffic.

Be a Showstopper

When making a series of small alterations to your workplace, a little can go a long way. However, a single show-stopping element can ideally be an effective use of a tight budget. There have been incredible advances in office technology in the last several years including wireless displays, interactive walls, intelligent surfaces, etc.

First Impressions Matter

You should also consider overhauling entrances and reception places by replacing flooring, doors, furnishings, and lighting. Branding the entrance areas with vinyl wall lettering, phrases or images in your brand colours can lend a real sense of your company from the second customers and employees walk in the front door.

Repaint the Walls

Most landlords allow the workplace walls be repainted and this can really revitalise the space. Choosing an ideal colour scheme can help tie the entire office together, thus accentuating the firm’s brand as well as complementing the rest of the space seamlessly. With the advantage of being inexpensive, a touch of a new coat can change the look of an office into a fresh and enjoyable place to work.

Go Green

You should not forget the exterior spaces when revamping your workplace. Millenials or Gen Y and wireless technology advancements are encouraging a desire for offices that can offer a flexible combination of environments. So, make sure you work on underused outdoor spaces in order to maximise sq footage and help attract young and hot talent into your organisation.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise