The number of car accidents, crashes, collisions, and rear-enders reported in Indiana every year is shocking, to say the least. If you get injured in a car accident in Fort Wayne that wasn’t your fault, you must consider seeking legal advice, as Indiana is an at-fault state. The driver at fault must pay compensation to the victim(s) for damages (through their insurance company, up to the limit). When you are meeting a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer, here are some things you may want to know. 

  1. Expected compensation. What should you expect in compensation/settlement? This is one of the first questions that your lawyer should answer, depending on the facts of the case. No matter what had happened, ensure that you share the most honest version of the accident with your attorney, so that they can offer unbiased advice. Ask the attorney about the losses and damages that you can possibly recover. 
  2. The deadlines. The statute of limitations in Indiana allows two years, to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. The clock will start ticking from the date of car accident, but the statute of limitations doesn’t apply to insurance claims. If you don’t inform the insurance companies (including your own insurer) in time, your claim may be denied. Ask the attorney about deadlines and factors that can impact your case. 
  3. Expenses and costs. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis for car accident cases. This means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid if they don’t win. There could be other costs related to the case, so ask in advance. Sometimes, a lawyer may advance these expenses and get the same later when a settlement is received. 
  4. Possibility of trial. Typically, car accident claims and lawsuits are settled through negotiations. However, some cases are more likely to end up in court than others. Make sure that you are aware of the possible outcomes of the case. Ask the attorney if they have handled car accident cases at trial. 
  5. Their experience. As a client, you must know if your lawyer has the expertise and experience to handle the case. Personal injury attorneys often take up different types of cases, so ask about the percentage of their practice that’s dedicated to car accident claims and lawsuits. 

Don’t delay in calling an attorney for your car accident claim. The first meeting should give a fair overview of what to expect from the case.