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In today’s business ebook of the day, we’re taking a look at a new release that helps brands and agencies that want to better capitalize on their Instagram accounts. This Instagram for Business ebook is a must-read for any marketer that wants to increase their follower count, but more importantly turn that count into revenue producing material. Let’s preview one section of the paper, called “What to Post on Your Brand’s Instagram Feed.”

What to Post on Your Brand’s Instagram Feed

So, you’ve done all of the groundwork. You’ve identified and researched your target audience. You’ve optimized your Instagram account with a killer bio and sketched out an updated strategy.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re totally stumped now. You feel like you’ve already used your best ideas, you’re tapped out of inspiration, and now you’re worried your creative block will keep you from sticking with that Instagram publishing schedule you had mapped out as part of your overall strategy.

Knowing exactly what to post on your brand’s Instagram account can be challenging for everybody—yes, even those accounts that you admire. Fortunately, there’s a process you can go through to reignite your inspiration and come up with all sorts of new post ideas. Here’s what you need to know.

Understand your niche. If you’ve already done the research into your target audience, this step should be easy. What sort of content makes sense with your audience and your brand? While it’s fine (and sometimes even fun!) to surprise your audience with something unexpected, you want to make sure that every Instagram post you create fits with your brand voice and reputation. As you’re going through this process, take a look at your Instagram analytics. If you’ve already been actively posting, this can help you to figure out what sort of content has been resonating particularly well with your followers. This is helpful information to know as you figure out what type of content you should post more of, as well as any potential tweaks you should make moving forward to increase the effectiveness of your other posts.

Identify key themes. Now that you’ve thought through the things that absolutely wouldn’t make sense with your brand, it’s time to turn your attention to the things that actually do fit. Start by identifying the key themes that fit within your brand. When thinking about these key themes, an easy way to make this simpler is to think about them as categories for your blog. What major groupings would you want your various blog posts to fall under? Your own brand might have many key themes, or you might have only a few. The important things is to get those jotted down before moving onto the next step.

Break key themes into smaller topics. An effective strategy for this part is to create a web—where you can create branches off of that larger theme. No topic is too minuscule here. When you need to maintain a consistent Instagram posting schedule, you’ll want to have plenty of content ideas—which means the more you can generate here, the better off you’ll be. This step will begin to uncover some relevant subject matter that you could post about on your own account.

Generate image ideas. Now, you need graphics or photos to illustrate your concepts. Since you have your key themes broken into smaller topics, you can take each of those topics and come up with potential image ideas for each of them. When you have those various image options identified, you can schedule a day when you can create or capture a bunch of different photos all at one time—think of it as a stock photoshoot of sorts.

Use existing content. There’s no denying that this it be a lot of work to create all of this content yourself. This is why using existing content can be a great asset to you. Perhaps you want to start a branded hashtag campaign so that you can use user-generated content. Additionally, there’s no shortage of quotes, funny memes, GIFs, and other materials that you can post to your own account—plenty of popular brands do that same thing. You’ll just want to make sure to provide proper credit and attribution within the caption of your image.

Following this process will help you collect potential content you could post on your Instagram page. But, even so, this barely scratches the surface.

If you’re ever stuck on what to post, you can pull inspiration from numerous other outlets and events, including:

  • Viral campaigns like #ThrowbackThursday or #MotivationalMonday
  • Different holidays (including lesser-known holidays like National Best Friend Day or National Coffee Day, for instance)
  • Behind-the-scenes peaks at what’s happening with your brand
  • Inspirational quotes or impressive statistics

You might feel like you’re fresh out of creativity. But, after you work your way through the above steps, you’ll realized that there are plenty of different things you could post to Instagram. With so many options, your challenge will no longer be figuring out what to post—it’ll be deciding exactly what you want to post next.

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