Four Strategies to Improve Email Marketing Results     

Image result for Four Strategies to Improve Email Marketing ResultsEmail can be a revenue-driving machine for businesses. In terms of the return of investment (ROI), it can be a powerful marketing approach, creating high revenues for every dollar spent (when done properly of course). In fact, Email marketing can convert customers multiple times, and that is why digital advertising campaigns and funnels almost always include emails and newsletters.

Most major companies and brands (and even advertising platforms such as, DOZ, and others) incorporate email marketing in their weekly and sometimes daily marketing routine. Having said that, here are four strategies to improve email marketing results:       

Using personalization to attain best customer retention

Consider personalization as an essential strategy to attain better customer retention. Personalization allows businesses to nurture their customers, sustaining their engagement and interest by keeping the content highly-targeted and relevant to their needs.

Personalization means offering subscriber-relevant products or services, custom-tailored email content that uses the customer data you have collected, as well as location-specific offers.     

Also, personalization means you should make sure the copy you send to your subscribers looks like a human wrote it for another human (like a friend to a friend), and not just to an inbox.   

Subject lines that can improve customer conversions

In email marketing, you have to make sure that your subject lines provoke your customers to open the mail and eventually take the required action. As anyone in traditional copywriting knows, most people read only your subject line. In the case of email marketing, this is what prods people to check whether they should open the email or not. 

When launching a campaign, it is important to get the first names of your subscribers. Email messages with subject lines that have the first names of your customers have a higher possibility they will be open up and read. 

Check out segmentation-triggered automation

Once you have gathered enough data about your customers, it is better to sort them into categories according to their behavior, as well as interests. You can use these behavioral segments to analyze users and learn how they’ve previously interacted with your business.

By creating these segments and parsing through behavior data, you can create automated emails offering highly-targeted and relevant content such as one’s post-purchase or his or her birthday.

Personalize messages using dynamic content

Dynamic content enables businesses to make sure their email messages target the right recipients. For example, dynamic content allows you to check a client’s personal preferences or specific needs.

Using personalized email content your website gets from your customers, you can help ensure the relevancy and effectiveness of your messages, making sure your strategies tap the intended target customers, without forcing you to spend a lot of time and resources.


Email marketing can provide so many opportunities for businesses, leading them to higher revenues.

With these strategies in mind, businesses like yours can get more knowledge and analysis from email marketing, and help you get more targeted customers, which naturally can increase your ROI.

By applying these strategies and adopting them consistently, chances are higher you would have more profitable online marketing campaigns, and get more clients in the process.       


David Griffin

David Griffin