4 Reasons a Private Mail Box Is a Good Idea

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If you are considering a private mail box for your shipping and receiving needs, here are four reasons it makes good sense:

1. Package Deliveries And Shipping

Private mail box locations will get your mail deliveries, but also accept packages that otherwise might be left at the front door or apartment building lobby and subject to theft.  That’s no small thing.  A study by August Home Inc. reports that nearly 11 million home owners in the U.S. have had a package stolen within the past 12 months.

You won’t have to worry about missing a delivery or having to drive to the UPS or Fed Ex office because nobody was home to sign for it.  Likewise, you can be assured when you are shipping packages that they are being held securely and not just left out for someone else to grab,

2. Security and Protection From Identity Theft

A private mail box is located inside and only accessible by key or combination.  Your information is secure and most locations have surveillance. 

Stolen mail is one of the leading causes of identity theft.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 400,000 people had their mail stolen last year and used in identity theft.  The U.S. Postal Inspection Service reports the cost of identity theft amounts to roughly $5 billion dollars every year.

If you’re not going to be able to get your mail for a few days, it will be there when you’re ready without having to worry.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality

You may not want to use your home address for certain deliveries. There may also be times you simply do not want to give out your home address, such as a keeping your home-based business private.

If you have a roommate or share your home with others, a private mail box gives you a way to keep your mail away from prying eyes.

4. A Permanent Address

Even if you move, your mail can always go to the same address.  If you are using a private mail box for business, it may present a more prestigious address and better professional image.

Convenience And Additional Services

If you’re thinking about a private mail box, consider whether you might need other services.

  • Will you occasionally need shipping with UPS or Fed Ex? 
  • Do you need access to a fax machine or copying? 
  • Will you need packing materials, like boxes, packing materials and tape? 
  • Do you need on-site storage?

If the answer is yes, consider a location that will have these additional services available.  Being able to do all of these things from a single location is a big advantage and can prevent you from having to go to different places to get the job done.












Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews