2 Major Reasons Why Billboard Advertising Still Work

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Opting to advertise on billboards may seem like an old school option considering the rise of digital mediums for advertising, but is it really? Take a look at Times Square New York and you’ll definitely be tempted to put one of your own among the dozens of ads up there.

What is billboard advertising?

The term billboard is derived from the phrase “billing board,” which refers to a large outdoor ad space created to capture the attention of a large audience. Billboards are usually placed around high traffic areas to attract the attention of pedestrians and motorists. As a general rule of thumb, billboards are simple and a very quick read. Specifically, six words are considered the ideal amount of copy that can be found on a billboard.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the earliest recordedleasing of billboardoccurred in 1867. The ads were mainly painted signs or glued posters back then but a century after, billboards have already evolved to include computerised graphics and other special effects printed on vinyl material. In fact, there are already 3D billboards that can definitely attract the attention of the spectator.

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Why use billboards to advertise?

When done right, this method can be quite inexpensive. Majority of the costs depend on the size of the ad and the chosen location. Just take a look at those Bishopp outdoor signs Brisbane businessmen leased. If you simply want to raise awareness of your brand or campaign for your products or services, billboard advertising can be a great choice. Do not advertise on billboards if you have a lot of information that you want to convey.

By placing a billboard on an ideal location using an established provider, you have the opportunity for your advertising message to reach an optimum number of viewers for maximum exposure. So, if are interested in promoting using this medium or if you are having doubts on the efficiency of this advertising method,here are some benefits of billboard advertising with a professional provider:

  1. Reach a larger audience by placing your message in a high traffic location.

The best locations for putting up billboard ads are in high traffic areas such as busy highways and main roads. Places with high foot traffic and activity are ideal in ensuring that at least one of these passers-by will notice the ad and read the message. These locations are likely owned by establishedbillboard advertising contractors, who own a number of such locations that they can offer their clients with different location choices depending on their needs.

In addition, you actually have the benefit of retention when you choose to put an ad on a billboard. The location you choose should be one that your target audience regularly passes through. By repeatedly seeing the message, it becomes imprinted more permanently onto the targeted audience’s consciousness and may prompt them to act upon it.

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  1. Options for cost effective exposureare available.

Using a billboard is an excellent way to spread the word, especially when you consider the costs of advertising.When you take into account the amount of money you need to spend for TV or radio commercials that last for less than a minute, you will appreciate the value of having your message up there, visible to your target audience, all day long every day.

As long as the ad is creatively and effectively designed to make an impact on its target audience, then you can already reap the benefits of a cost-effective advertising medium. Plus, if you consult with a legitimate billboard advertising contractor, you can even discuss affordable payment options that you can take advantage of.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise