The use of Temperature Control Packaging Systems

Temperature control packaging systems are truly a remarkable innovation.

Transporting temperature sensitive materials to the next town, whilst maintaining a constant desirable temperature, presents a substantial challenge in itself.

Transporting the same materials to the other side of the world, at a constant temperature, presents a whole new challenge!

Some material may have to be maintained at, say, between 2-15 degrees others material may have to remain frozen for the long haul.

A Cold Chain

There is a logistical dilemma in organising the safe transportation of temperature sensitive materials. For short journeys, specialist packaging may well keep the contents at the desirable temperature right up to the point of delivery.

You may well require specialist packaging to accommodate freezing dry ice; now there’s a challenge, but not an insurmountable one!

However on longer journeys, the correct, most suitable, packaging must still be used, but a whole system, a Cold Chain, has to be established to ensure that temperature testing, suitable storage and refrigeration facilities are available, at strategic point, in order to regulate the desired temperature.

Should you be planning to send materials, pharmaceutical/clinical perhaps, that require thermal management, you will not only need a good packaging producer but also a company who can help with the logistics of the whole transportation.

By way of example, check out the award winning Soft Box Company, their reputation for ‘delivering the goods’ is simply second to none!


Packaging for every type of ride!

The design of packaging has to take account of many factors, in particular temperature control and protection.

An experienced company will advise as to the most appropriate packaging style for ‘your’ journey, be that by road, sea, rail or air.

No point having your materials delivered at the optimum temperature if they’ve been bashed to bits in transit!

Employ a company with boxes of experience!

Temperature controlled packaging systems, which company?

There are a few essential pointers as to the company you can trust to handle sensitive materials:

  1. Find a company with experience, a good long trading record, strong client base and perfect testimonials.

This will be a sure fire indication as to their reliability and expertise. Need you look further?

  1. Pick a company with a well organised, informative website.

A well-presented website speaks volumes of a company’s professionalism. You should be able to see a whole range of packaging options, useful tips and a helpline manned, or womanned, by helpful, knowledgeable staff.

  1. Choose a company that’s has been established since 1995, and a company that’s been honoured, twice, by Her Majesty the Queen.

That can only be the Soft Box Company; a company renowned within the Life Science industry and beyond, for producing award winning, innovative packaging for over a decade.

A forward thinking, helpful organisation that’s ready to listen, and accommodate your every packaging and delivery desire.

Choose the Soft Box Company; you’ll get the Royal treatment for sure.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer