How Much Is My Car Accident Worth?

After a car accident, you must be considering filing a compensation claim to get paid for your damages. Putting an amount on your injuries is not easy. Several factors may increase or decrease your claim. To recover the appropriate amount, you must consult a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer

Each car accident is different from the other. Suppose your friend was in an accident, and they received $10,000 compensation. However, it may not be the same for you. The compensation amount depends on your injuries, vehicle damages, economic and non-economic losses. 

Car accident settlement worth

To understand the value of your car accident, you have to consider various factors. You need to look into each aspect of the accident and determine how much it has affected you and your family’s life. Generally, if your injuries are severe, your case would be worth more. Moreover, if the damage has caused permanent changes in your life, you have a fair chance of getting the compensation you deserve. 

A car accident lawyer can quantify both economic and non-economic losses using a wide array of methods. Your attorney may additionally need to consult with specialists and experts to determine the value of some losses such as pain and suffering. If you wish to go solo, you can create a rough estimate of your damages by considering the following factors. 

Medical treatment costs 

Your medical bills and records are the most crucial in recovering compensation. Ensure you keep receipts of your treatments, hospitalization costs, medications, equipment, appointments, ambulance rides, and any expenses related to your injury treatment. You may also add up costs of in-home facilities if your injuries require ongoing treatment. 

Lost wages

Severe injuries can prevent you from working or even disable you permanently, resulting in wages loss. Not getting a monthly salary can affect your financial stability significantly. You can estimate how much wages you have lost due to the incident and add it to your claim.

Vehicle repairs and replacements

In the accident, your car must have suffered damages. Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and ask them to create an estimate of the damages. Some severe accidents can damage your car to the point where it becomes irreparable. In that case, you can ask for the total price of your car as compensation. 

Pain and suffering 

Estimating this value can be challenging. Experienced attorneys can pinpoint a range, but they usually require the consultation of experts and specialists. The three factors that increase the value of your pain and suffering are- 

  • the severity of your injury
  • the nature of the injury
  • and the likelihood of recovery. 
David Griffin

David Griffin