Have you ever wondered why is it so hard for men and women to understand each other? Everything is perfect in the honeymoon phase, but the real problems and conflicts begin when the phase ends and unfortunately many marriages end up with divorce. If that is your case, do not hesitate to contact Mesa divorce attorney and get legal help.

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How much conflicts were there just because one cannot understand the other in bad life moments. When they go through some difficulty, most men have a need to isolate themselves, think in silence about what scares them. They do not want to burden their friends and family with their worries, but they retreat into their cave and therefore act absent for the rest of the world. On the other hand, women would openly talk about it with someone, because they are sure that only this way can help them overcome the problems. They immediately call their best friends, because they feel that sharing the pain is a sign of love and trust, and not burdening close people with it. In the same way, they need to sympathize with their partner, not realizing that this sometimes makes life difficult for them.

They are usually more caring about the degree of one’s love and attachment, which is not the case with men. Because of this, there is often a misunderstanding about the relationship, because women accuse their partners of not carrying enough about them, such as what they think and whether they ate or not, did they dress warmly and had medication.

Men and women differ in both the way and the degree of tension they bring into debates. Almost 50 percent of the relationships and marriages fall apart because girls could not tolerate the guys who tried to prove in every fight that they were right or because men did not have the strength to listen to the loud and dramatic accusations of their partners. Women are mostly better at remembering things and use this advantage in every discussion, and regardless of the topic, they compromise the partner by reminding them about what he said last summer.

Every discussion has a loser, and it does not have to be so.

Basically, as soon as we realize that we are different, things will work better. That way couples will spare themselves from all the nervousness, stress, broken heart, hurt feelings and will learn to enjoy love in and respect each other. We just cannot react, think and behave in the same way as our partner, but we can love each other the same strong and honestly, and that is what really matters. If there is no love in the relationship, it will fall apart sooner or later regardless of how hard you try to push things. You cannot force someone to love you and vice versa.