Four Ways Statements from Witnesses Can Help Your Car Accident Claim

People who saw your car crash can offer valuable insight into what occurred. Without them, it will be your words against the other party involved. Witness statements could prove your version of events and the other driver’s fault, supporting your compensation claim. Skilled car accident attorneys Los Angeles can explain why witness statements are important to your car accident claim. They can discuss your legal options and rights in a free consultation. After your lawyer determines that you have a valid claim, they will conduct an investigation and get in touch with eyewitnesses. If you have been in a car accident, here’s how witness statements can support your injury claim:

Demonstrate Your Innocence

Statements from witnesses could reduce or eliminate doubts regarding your contribution to the accident. A lot of at-fault drivers and their insurers usually push the blame on injured victims to try to devalue or deny their claims. These statements can help discredit the at-fault party’s version of events or emphasize inconsistencies they said or did that lead up to, during, and following the crash. 

Preserve Accident Facts

Witnesses can give statements to help preserve the facts of your accident. They may have taken pictures or recorded a video of the crash from their viewpoint. If they can give this information in a written or recorded statement, your attorney can use it to persuade the other party to settle your claim. 

Prove Negligence

For you to recover compensation, your lawyer must prove the negligence of the other driver. A witness may have seen this driver operating their vehicle negligently such as texting or talking to someone over the phone when the accident occurred. This witness may be able to give statements that attests to this. 

Validate the Injury You Sustained

A witness can give information of your injury’s scope and extent to a judge or jury. They can give statements that may detail how you behaved and acted at the crash scene. This includes how much pain you had to sustain and whether you could move. 

In addition, a witness statement could help disprove the claims of the other driver regarding bodily injuries. If they lie about sustaining an injury themselves or exaggerating their injuries, a witness can discredit such injuries by saying they saw this driver walking or moving around normally at the crash scene.  

If you sustained injuries in a car crash, a respected lawyer can help you seek the compensation you deserve. If they determine you have a case and you decide to move forward, your lawyer can work on contingency, so you don’t pay them upfront for their services. 

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore