Caregivers are a vital part of society, but not many people are clear on the variety of roles that they play. While some may assume that caregiving is a very narrow line of work, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

So, this article is going to help us clarify the different types of caregivers out there, and what it is that makes them so valuable. So, if you are interested in becoming a caregiver, or simply wondering “what does a caregiver do?”, keep reading.

Family Caregivers

This type of caregiver is one that keeps it in the family. They could be a spouse, parent, or even a close friend of the care recipient. Typically, the family caregiver takes on certain nursing, household, and transport duties. 

Family caregivers usually function in a voluntary capacity, but often seek additional training for certain duties like first aid. Additionally, they may recruit caregivers for professional assistance. This brings us nicely to our next group…

Professional Caregivers

This is quite a broad term. This type of caregiver is usually hired to give an individual medical or non-medical support.

Professional caregivers typically come from an agency. They are hired by a household or another establishment to provide an individual or group with the appropriate support. 

If they are not working for a household, professional caregivers usually work in one of two main facilities, which we will now discuss. 

Assisted Living Facility Caregiver

An assisted living facility is a place designed for intermittent support. There is no set model of an assisted living facility. Its focus is creating a community atmosphere in which care recipients receive support along with social activities. 

Skilled Nursing Facility Caregiver

A skilled nursing caregiver focuses specifically on short or long-term medical caregiving. They tend to be more involved in the daily routine of the recipient than those of assisted living communities.

These types of caregiving jobs usually take place in specialized facilities like nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. 

Independent Caregiver 

Independent caregivers offer their services to households without the backing of an agency. They often work off word of mouth within the community or family.

Voluntary Caregiver

And last but certainly not least, voluntary caregivers who do what they do for no monetary gain. These have been of great value especially during the recent pandemic. They have supported not only care recipients but the professional caregivers in the growing challenges that the virus presented. 

All Types of Caregivers Are Valuable

As you can see, the world of caregiving is vast and varied. But it’s also clear that all types of caregivers have a valid place in society. From an individual home to an entire community, wherever you look you will be sure to find some kind of caregiver doing their very best to make the world a better place. Caregiving careers are truly some of the most valuable vocations out there, so let’s do our best to take care of them!

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