Filing a Car Accident Claim or Lawsuit in Texas: How Soon Should You Do It?

The amount of time a car accident victim has when filing an insurance claim in the state of Texas depends on the at-fault driver’s identity. If you have been harmed by a driver who was doing government work, you can file a claim against the government within six months from the date of the crash. If you have been hit by a civilian, you sue the driver for personal injury within two years. But, no matter the driver’s identity, you must begin a claim or claim early to preserve your rights. The state of Texas has a lot of deadlines and timeliness that easily closes soon following your injury. That is why working with a skilled houston car accident attorney from the get-go makes sense. Your lawyer can meet these deadlines and increase your chances of winning your case. 

Why You Should Report Your Accident Right Away

If you think you will file a lawsuit for the serious injuries you sustained in a car crash, you must report the accident to the police right away. A police officer should file a report for an accident that caused at least $1000 worth of personal injury or damage. The report should be filed with the DMV within ten days of the crash. This report will also be useful when filing a car insurance claim. 

Paying for Your Medical Care and Car Repairs Out of Pocket

If you have sustained injuries or damages, you should pay for your medical care and car repairs right away instead of waiting for the at-fault party to pay for them upfront. Although you could get maximum recovery when you file a lawsuit, it could take a long time before you recover damages at trial. But, you can also make a claim on the personal injury protection or PIP policy on your car insurance to take care of your immediate needs. Once you make such a claim, your insurance provider is required by law to respond to it quickly. Usually, you may be able to get your compensation within thirty to forty-five days. 

Filing a Claim Immediately

When you file your claim sooner than later, you have a better chance of getting paid earlier and get adequate damages. These damages must cover your medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and vehicle damage. Also, you must provide the insurance company with evidence that shows your injury is connected to the crash, along with your treatment. Doing this early will make it more difficult for the insurer to deny your damages. 

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke