Challenges Of Door To Door Delivery Service In Singapore

Decades ago, door to door delivery in Singapore was only for restaurants and other services. But package delivery for retail has only become so popular during the advent of e-commerce.

It is safe to say that door-to-door package delivery service in Singapore offers another level of luxury and convenience to see how long delivery services have become.

Yet, behind the facade of convenience lies some challenges a delivery company in Singaporefaces. And the challenges are not resolved yet, especially with the promising trend in delivery services today.

The Challenges Of Door To Door Delivery Service In Singapore

Who hasn’t experienced shopping online? Before, retail shops only offered a home delivery; anddelivery pick up service in Singapore for huge items, such as humongous closets, couches, and grand pianos.

But today, items as small as clips and sharpeners or something you can buy from the physical shop can now be delivered to your home. It only shows how delivery and logistics companies are thriving today.

Unsurprisingly, with the great demand comes several arising challenges. Here are the challenges of a delivery company in Singapore:

1. Incompetent fleet management systems

Perhaps the biggest clients of delivery companies today are e-commerce platforms. Unlike other clients, such as a farm with only one or a couple of drop off points like a market or a warehouse, e-commerce has multiple drop-off points.

In door to door delivery services in Singapore, the courier should drop off at least more than 20 packages at different addresses. It is hard for the delivery company to manage and optimise this fleet system.

It is also a problem when the demand for e-commerce platforms spikes, especially during the holidays. It means that there are more packages to deliver on time than usual.

What courier companies can do is find an efficient, functional, and easy-to-use fleet management system to optimise the schedule and routes of the delivery riders.

2. Inadequate route planning

Route planning is part of fleet management systems. Since the riders of thedoor to door delivery services in Singapore have multiple stops and touchpoints, they need an adequate and optimised route.

What happens if they lack optimised route planning? Firstly, there is a high chance that deliveries are delayed. Remember, customers hate delayed package deliveries.

Secondly, parcels may pile up in the warehouse. If a rider has to deliver 30 packages a day but is only able to dispatch 20 parcels due to unoptimised routes, the remaining packages return to the warehouse.

Lastly, it is not cost-efficient. Delivery riders and services consume more fuel if they have longer and unoptimised routes.

3. Delayed deliveries

Delayed deliveries are one of the most common problems of apackage delivery service in Singapore.

There are several reasons why delivery companies dispatch their items late.

Firstly, wrong customer information. There are customers who fail to update their current address on the e-commerce account. In other situations, the customers unintentionally put the incorrect address, such as a different building or block number. Sometimes the address is incomplete; for example, it lacks the city or the street. These mistakes in information make it harder for thedoor to door delivery service in Singaporeto find the correct recipient of the parcel.

Secondly, inclement weather could also delay the deliveries. Besides affecting overseas logistics, delivery couriers on the ground can’t deliver parcels to their recipients when there are floods, snow storms, and low visibility on the road due to thick fog or smoke. These natural calamities can put the delivery riders’ lives in danger.

Lastly, the surge in delivery volume could also slow down the delivery of packages. An understaffed delivery company in Singaporecannot keep up, manage, and dispatch a sudden influx of parcels immediately, especially if they lack labour.

4. Shipping damage


A damaged parcel is one of the most common complaints e-commerce businesses and courier services receive from customers.

Delivery pick up service companies in Singapore are usually liable for parcels that have been damaged during transit. One way to save liability costs is to ensure that the packages are safe during transportation, and it is a challenge for courier services.

Improper packaging method is the number one cause of shipping damage. There are merchants who don’t use bubble wraps and other cushions that will protect the items from damage. Some courier services don’t accept parcels with an improper package to avoid transit damage.

There are times when the delivery company in Singaporeis at fault. Improper handling of packages from the warehouse to transportation increases the risk of damage.

Water damage and infestation are also issues for a logistics and delivery company in Singapore. Poorly maintained warehouses are often the victim of these damages.

5. Increasing delivery costs

It is not a secret that some resources continue to increase in prices, including fuel, maintenance costs, toll fees, and other fees.

Besides the resources, another factor contributing to the shipping cost increase is health and politics. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the closure of many international boundaries, including ports.

Moreover, many ports and customs workers were sick during the pandemic; hence, the lack of labour caused delayed deliveries.

On the other hand, courier services are also affected by the additional tariffs on overseas merchandise caused by political riffs.

Customers don’t want to pay high shipping costs; therefore, it is a challenge forpackage delivery services in Singaporeto find ways to reduce delivery costs and shipping expenses.


The task of a logistic and delivery company in Singapore is indeed complex. Only well-equipped, capable, and strategic companies can keep up and overcome these challenges.

The challenge for business owners today is to find a door to door delivery service in Singapore that manages and optimises their fleet efficiently, always sticks to their schedules, knows how to handle packages of all sizes and shapes, and gives the value for money.

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Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews