How To Make The Most Of Your Spanish Restaurant Experience In Singapore

Food is an essential component of our daily lives. Without it, our bodies would not receive the nutrients it needs. We would also have no energy to perform our day-to-day tasks or participate in activities we enjoy. Additionally, we cannot form a special bond with people without sharing meals. Eating is also an enthralling experience for many individuals. Almost everyone consumes food not only for sustenance but also for enjoyment. We cook and order various dishes since we like their taste. Because of the pleasure we find in food, virtually every place throughout the globe, including the Lion City, is brimming with establishments that prepare and serve all types of meals. From Italian cuisine to Halal food, we have numerous options in Singapore.

Among the various food choices on the island, Spanish cuisine is arguably one of the most compelling options. Its dishes are nothing similar to the traditional meals served in Singaporean homes and local dining establishments. Spanish restaurant meals are known for their savoury and aromatic flavours from one-of-a-kind spices and herbs native to Spain.


If you are planning to head to a Spanish restaurant in Singapore this weekend, you are probably wondering how you can savour the dishes of Españaand make the most of your dining experience. Here’s a guide to help you enjoy your food and time when visiting a resto inspired by Spain:

1. Choose An Authentic Place

If you want to enjoy the ultimate Spanish dining experience, look for a place that prepares dishes similar to how the Spaniards cook and serve them. You can browse food or lifestyle websites online and search for an establishment that uses recipes, spices, and ingredients native to Spain. You could also ask your relatives, friends, or colleagues for recommendations for a Spanish restaurant that offers authentic meals.

2. Bring Friends And Family

Like Singaporeans, Spaniards eat as a group. They bond over their meals while sharing stories and anecdotes with their family and friends. While eating alone is slowly becoming a norm in the city, come with your buddies, relatives, or coworkers when dining at a Spanish restaurant. The lively ambience and hearty dishes of these establishments are perfect for sharing with large groups of people.

3. Put Phones Away

No matter how entertaining TikTok videos and Instagram posts are, avoid using phones, tablets, and other gadgets when eating out—especially if you are with your family or friends. Use your time at the diner to ask about each other’s days and listen to their stories. Some of the best restaurants and cafe establishments in Singapore even put out signs prohibiting people from using their mobile phones while eating to encourage their guests to talk to each other.

4. Order Something For Sharing

When eating out at the best Italian or American restaurants in Singapore, servers often present us with single-portion menu items. Things are different in most Spanish diners and eateries since they often offer group meals. If you have the option, get dishes in large portions to allow your family or friends to share food and develop stronger relationships.

5. Dare To Try New Stuff

While it may seem daunting to order food you cannot pronounce, go out of your comfort zone and get dishes you have never tried before when visiting a Spanish restaurant. Skip menu items like paella, churros, and tortillas and go for unfamiliar ones like patatas bravas and Iberico ham. Let your taste buds experience flavours different from what you typically eat every day.



6. Don’t Hesitate To Ask About A Dish!

While looking at the menu of your chosen Spanish restaurant in Singapore, you will most likely encounter dishes with unusual names. If you have no idea what these words mean and want to learn about them before ordering, you can ask a server to translate and explain them to you. They will be more than happy to describe dishes for you and even share a piece of Spanish history.

7. Take In The Ambience

While waiting for your food to arrive, look around the restaurant and savour its ambience. See how the diner owners decorated the place to take guests like you to Spain while still staying in Singapore. Look at how every knick-knack represents the Spanish culture inside the restaurant. Doing so will help you be in an appropriate mood before enjoying dishes hailing from Spain.

8. Try Following The Spanish Dining Etiquette

If you want to dine like the Spaniards, you can learn about their dining traditions and habits before going to a Spanish restaurant. Like Singaporeans, they have a specific etiquette when consuming food. They never put their hands underneath the table since they want them to stay visible at all times. Moreover, they say “¡ Buenappetito!” or “enjoy your meal!” before eating. Additionally, they pass their dishes to their left and allow the most prominent member of their group to sit at the head of the table.

9. Savour The Dishes

Avoid consuming your food in one bite when dining at a Spanish restaurant in Singapore. Savour each spoonful of your meal and see how it differs from the traditional food you usually have. Moreover, appreciate how unique the flavours are because of the one-of-a-kind Spanish spices and herbs present in the dish.

10. Don’t Forget To Take Photos!

Make your visit to a Spanish restaurant last by taking photos with your family or friends. You can also ask someone to capture your reaction as you try an authentic Spanish dish for the first time. Additionally, you should take photos of your vibrant meals to remember their hearty and mouth-watering flavours.

Going to a new dining establishment and trying new cuisines can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what to expect from your experience. But dropping by unfamiliar places, like a Spanish restaurant in Singapore, and ordering from their menu is one of the best ways to introduce yourself and get immersed in unknown flavours, cultures, and traditions. Doing so may even help you find your go-to resto, cafe, or eatery.

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer