Benefits Of An Oil Free Air Compressor In Singapore

An air compressor, also known as an air receiver tank in Singapore, is a piece of equipment that transforms power into energy by reducing the air’s volume or compressing it.

How do air compressors work? An air compressor is run by fuel– its primary source of power. The air receiver tank in Singapore converts this power into potential energy by compressing the air into the tank. The pressured air inside the tank becomes potential energy when released.

Think of it as a mechanical balloon. When you untie the balloon and release the air, the air produces force and pushes anything on its way.

A refrigerated air dryer and air receiver tank supplier in Singapore provides air compressors in many industries.

For example, households use portable air compressors to inflate balloons, tyres, and inflatable pools.

The agriculture sector uses air compressors for water and irrigation pumps and crop sprayers.

Some humongous construction equipment, like power hammers, drills, and nail guns, also use air compressors.

Fuel runs air compressors, but did you know there is an oil free air compressor in Singapore? Learn more about it here.

Benefits Of An Oil Free Air Compressor In Singapore

What sets an oil free air compressor works in Singapore? A regular air compressor uses oil to lubricate its compression chamber. An oil-free compressor uses Teflon coating or non-oil-based coatings to lubricate the chambers. But why is it important?

Air purity matters in an air compressor primarily because it dictates the overall efficiency and efficacy of the equipment. Air can be contaminated by moisture, particles, and oil lubricants.

It is difficult for the air receiver tank in Singapore to compress, especially since it becomes denser when the temperature spikes. The air compressor consumes more energy and power to properly pressurise the air. Therefore, it costs more fuel.

Here are the benefits of an oil free compressor in Singapore

1. Reduces oil usage

Air compressors use gallons of oil each year. Not only these are additional expenses, but the disposal of barrels of oil is another issue to worry about.

The advantage an air receiver tank supplier in Singapore boasts about oil-free air compressors is its infrequent need for oil changes. If regular air compressors need oil change annually, an oil-free oil compressor only needs it for two to three years.

2. Reduces maintenance cost

Oil changes always coincide with maintenance since you also need to remove oil aerosols which may include using an oil and air separator and filtration.

This process is tedious, and you have to do it each year with a regular air receiver tank in Singapore. But with an oil-free air compressor, you only have to do it once in two or three years.

Therefore, you deduct expenses for annual maintenance.

3. Low risk of air contamination

As mentioned, oil contamination of the air affects the performance of the air receiver tank in Singapore. Moreover, having oil and particles in your airstream can also affect the quality of the product the company is producing.

For example, oil can mix with agricultural crop sprays, contaminating the crops and agricultural products.

It could cost the company in several ways. More power consumption means more fuel expenses. Product recall for contaminated items is a profit loss.

4. Reduces energy costs


A regular air receiver tank in Singapore uses multiple components to clean the pressurised air, and these components are oil filters and oil separators. When the compressed air passes through these components, it loses its pressure. Hence, the air compressor has to work again to compress the air. It means more power and fuel consumption.

Moreover, the lower risk of air contamination means more energy-efficient equipment. The equipment also needs less frequent maintenance, reducing overall operational expenses.

5. Environmentally-friendly

One of the main problems with a regular air compressor is its oil disposal. Each year, the air compressor needs to dispose of gallons of oil.

Besides the oil waste, a regular air receiver in Singapore emits more carbon footprint than the oil-free air compressors. It contributes to climate change and global warming.

Apart from hurting the environment, employees working near the giant air compressors are susceptible to diseases. Workers inhale the air particles released by the air compressors. Therefore, triggering the onset of respiratory diseases.

6. Flexible and mobile air compressors

Your oil free air compressor in Singapore is more mobile and flexible than a regular air receiver tank. Because they don’t contain gallons of oil, oil-free compressors are lightweight and can be moved around or transported everywhere; it is almost portable.

You can place it in different orientations, such as vertically and horizontally. You can also tilt them at different angles if you like. You don’t have to worry about oil leakage since it needs none of it in the first place.

7. Lower risks of fire and explosion

Besides the immense force of pressurised air stored in your tanks, there is a risk of fire and explosion in a regular air receiver in Singapore. The oxygen in the air, oil from the lubricants, and high temperature are a disaster in waiting for air compressors.

You can only reduce the risk of fire and explosion in regular air compressors to maintain the air purity of your equipment. You cannot ignite pure and clean air easily.

The advantage of an oil free air compressor in Singapore is it lacks oil. There is a low risk of oil contamination of the air and oil leakage.

Why should you choose oil-free air compressors?

There are several reasons why you should choose an oil-free air receiver in Singapore.

Firstly, they are cost-effective. You reduce fuel and energy consumption, and you also decrease the need for maintenance.

Secondly, oil-free air compressors are safer. There is a low risk of contaminating your products. There is also a lower chance of developing respiratory diseases while working with the machine. Employees are much safer from fire and explosion.

Lastly, oil-free compressors are environmentally friendly. It uses fewer gallons of oil and emits less carbon footprint.

Ask yourair receiver tank supplier in Singapore for an oil-free compressor.

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