Why should you choose to hire a Genie Lift?

Genie lifts are appropriate for many different reasons, one being that nothing is out of reach! As their name suggests, the lifts create the “magic in the bottle” to raise and lower hoists with ease. Perhaps you’re looking to improve quality? Or minimise waste? Either way, genie lifts can meet the specific needs of your company!

Whether you are working within aviation, construction or entertainment, you are often required to lift heavy products and equipment. Similarly, government, military, retail or warehouse industries may need to transport material from one location to another. Genie lifts ensures simplicity with loading and unloading, but what makes them so outstanding?

Here are 4 of the main factors that make genie lifts so advantages:


If your job requires you to do lots of manual lifting, have you ever considered hiring a lift?

They are built to withstand impact from equipment- havingthe capability to hold up to 450kg- making them extremely strong therefore suitable for almost any job! An example where “telescopic booms” are used includes the construction of festival tents. They are used to assemble the framework of the tent and then cover the tent- this is because they are portable and suitable for carrying heavy loads efficiently over various terrain!


How are genie lift services suitable for your company needs?

Genie lifts are highly adaptable- there is a wide range available which have various purposes. The range of genie lifts includes: “Booms”, “Scissor-Lifts” and “Cherry Pickers” these can be used in areas where there is limited access and only a small turning radius. In addition to this, the lifting equipment can be used in tight places- combining great convenience and class.


Admittedly, the genie lift hire is simple. If you only need the service for a limited time, Genie provides you with suitability, by giving you the opportunity to hire quality equipment. The fact that the lifting equipment only requires one person for operation suggests that employees can manoeuvre heavy duty products much quicker on their own!


Do you need to improve productivity? Genie lift hire is effective in terms of working in places that are tight because they enable horizontal outreach and ensure high-quality performance. It is relatively straightforward to perform a variety of tasks using a genie lift- they can be appropriate for use indoors and outdoors considering that they are extremely controllable and ensure a smooth drive- therefore making it ideal for your specific needs and location.

What do we do at Altida Crane Hire?

We offer a reliable service alongside quality products with the aim to meet all needs and requirements. Our genie lifts are powered by electricity, Bi-energy hybrid or diesel- again providing you with more choice to suit your preferences.

Our standard telescopic booms are ideal if you are looking for something suitable for heavy products, however, our genie push around lifts are more suitable for you if you are looking for something particularly for lighter projects.

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Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes