3 Top Tips for Replacing Your Office Notice Boards

Are your office notice boards in dire need of replacing? Ahead of simply replacing them, give these three top tips a read and see if you can’t stand to save your business some all important time and money along the way.

  • Replacing vs. Rethinking

Notice boards are one of those office staples that last and last. For that reason, if you are replacing yours it is likely that since you last purchased a notice board things will have changed, moved on and that the choice will be considerably wider now. This consequently provides the perfect opportunity to consider whether to replace your current notice boards or explore your options in 2016. Further, with notice boards available to buy online and delivered direct to your office via the likes of companies such as Notice Boards Online, this makes discovering what is available, buying it and receiving it super easy.Image result for 3 Top Tips for Replacing Your Office Notice Boards

Hence, ahead of hitting the high street to replace those old worn out felt boards, take a moment to have a browse online and see if you cannot find a more functional, aesthetic and cost effective board to replace your existing one(s) with. What is more, buy online and whilst you might expect to pay more due to delivery, you might in fact be surprised; avoiding having to price up boards to account for paying overheads and bills that high street retailers do, online office supply companies often consequently offer far better deals, both on boards and when buying accessories and add-ons.  

  • Stock Up on and Budget for Accessories when Buying a New Notice Board

Most places, including aforementioned Notice Boards Online, that sell notice boards also stock a wide range of board accessories, whether you require dry erase pens, holders or appropriate cleaning fluids. When investing in a new notice board though, especially one which features additional or new characteristics, such as when buying a magnetic white board, it is also worth exploring the additional accessories you can buy to use with such boards. After all, it is all well and good having a board that is, to run with the example, magnetic, but if you fail to have the accessories to make the best use of it, you might as well not have purchased it at all.

Then, it is important to choose and buy these accessories alongside or whilst buying a board. Not only will shopping to see what accessories are available help you to decide which board is right for your intended use(s), but buying the accessories you are interested in implementing and making use of alongside the board will ensure that when your board arrives you will be set to get using it. Further, buying everything you need in one go also of course makes budgeting and sticking to a budget a far more realistic task.

Many of those who only bother to replace their old dry erase pens or fail to even do that when investing in a magnetic board fail to take the opportunity to make the most of this opportunity to revolutionise and better their business by making better use of their board(s) and potential they hold. To avoid being one of these businesses, head over to the First 4 Magnets website and see if the plethora of accessories sold by them doesn’t get your mind whirring with potential and innovative ways to make better and more efficient use of your replacement notice boards, as well as how you can make such a seemingly simple and inexpensive purchase inspire and motivate your staff or team in new ways, and so better your business.

  • Resist the Urge to Get Big ideas

This ultimate (that is, third and final) top tip is a two-fold one. Firstly, when replacing old notice boards with new ones it is possible that you will also opt to change the location of your boards or buy bigger, especially if your business has grown since last purchasing notice boards.

The first tip then is to avoid opting to buy overly large notice boards. Whilst you might think doing so provides the best value for money and will provide staff with more room with which to work, the reality is that the further from eye level information is placed the less likely it is it will get noticed, seen or heeded. Hence, rather than overwhelm staff with huge and imposing notice boards, opt to invest in two or more smaller sized boards and place them all at eye level. This will give the information placed on your boards the best chance of being noticed. Meanwhile, it will also make organising information far easier as different boards can be used for separate and specific purposes, unlike one big board which is likely to get messy and become hard to keep organised.

Secondly, it is also well worth resisting the urge to get big ideas of a less literal and more abstract kind. That is, before getting swept up with impressing visiting clients by decking the office out with snazzy looking and expensive glass boards or electronic ones (that being so can break and become entirely useless all too easily) such as the examples sold via Boards Direct online for over £150 each, remember what it is you actually need a board for and the attributes it is required to have in order to work for your business and keep the office running smoothly and efficiently; after all, whilst high-tech glass boards and the likes might initially impress visiting clients, ultimately it is the products or services you provide and how well you do so that will ensure the success of your business and reputation. Hence always plump for function over fashion.  

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer