Four Fantastic Complete Finishing Systems From SFEG

Are you searching for complete finishing systems? Then you need look no further. SFEG provide a comprehensive selection of finishing systems for you to consider. If you require blast rooms, powder plants and booths, electropainting, control systems, pre-treatment facilities, spray booths, or ovens, we can supply you with any of these finishing plants. The key to our expertise is that we are a partnership of four companies that can provide manufacturing and design facilities, along with an installation, training, and commissioning service. Let’s consider four complete finishing plants that could be perfect for your company.Image result for Four Fantastic Complete Finishing Systems From SFEG

Brilliant Blast Rooms

Do you need to remove product coating or prepare rough materials for a new coating? Then blast rooms could be invaluable for your business. What is the key to purchasing a brilliant blast room? They need to be well-built and suitably equipped. In no time at all, SFEG can supply and install a blast room, so that all your blasting, reclaiming and recycling of materials can be done in-house. What if you need a tailor-made finishing room? We can provide a bespoke service for you, so that your blast room is built to your specifications and is positioned in the perfect place.

Electropainting Plants

SFEG also supply sophisticated electropainting plants, which are often used in the automotive industry. How is it that new cars in the production process repeatedly achieve a smooth, perfectly even, high-quality paint finish? Many car manufacturers use electropainting plants to attain this standard. These finishing systems don’t just spray paint the metallic surface, they also pre-treat, rinse, coat, and cure. Depending on the size and scope of your production requirements, you can select large or smaller systems to suit you. The Ercon division of SFEG designs, creates, and installs these finishing systems.

Conveyor Systems

Are you looking for conveyor systems? You can select from various carrying capacities in line with your business requirements, including lightweight or heavy duty options. What is included our conveyor systems? They contain a track, chain, motor, trolley, control system, and lubricator.You can either have these systems fixed to the floor or supported on the factory roof. The heavy duty Rayridge RR8 has an impressive carrying capacity of 63.5kg per pendant. You also have the option of a double pendant system, as well as a load bar. What about our smaller Rayridge RR12 conveyer system? Its maximum load is 30kg per pendant.

Industrial Ovens

Our industrial ovens are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. Do you prefer gas, electric or even oil as the burner fuel? You are free to select the type of industrial oven to suit your business, in addition to the size and temperature range of the finishing system. These ovens are commonly used to melt and cure powder coating procedures. If you want to improve the temperature control and the efficiency of the fuel, you can always fit inverters to the burners.

This is just a small selection of the complete finishing systems that we can offer you. For additional information on any of our products, please fill in our contact form today. You can also speak to us now on 01902 601312.

Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo