Ways to make your Company Look More Professional

In this day in age, there is so much consumer choice you need to make sure that your company loos professional to any prospective buyer.  There are a lot of things to take into consideration – so we have compiled a list of simple ways that your company can look more professional.

Having a Domain Name for Email Communications

If you have an email address that doesn’t consist of your own domain name, it immediately puts people off.  Instead of having Gmail or Hotmail – make sure you purchase a domain that’s relevant to your company.  This doesn’t cost you a lot and makes a much better first impression. Otherwise, people may automatically reject your emails as spam and overlook them.

Have a Decent Website

In a world where we are all digitally focused, one of the first things people will do when they hear your brand name is “Google” you.  This means that you should have a professional looking website for them to land on.  Otherwise, they will find other companies offering the same product or service in their search.  Make sure you make an investment on this from the get-go.  There are free website builders that you can use to do it yourself, but if there are funds available – it’s always a better idea to use a professional.

Get Client Reviews

If you have provided a good service for someone make sure they shout about it.  There are lots of 3rd party review sites out there such as Trustpilot, Google My Business, Facebook etc – where people can find out what real-life clients have to say about you.  This will build trust with the consumer and make them much more likely to make a purchase.  Make sure you set up accounts with these channels to build your brand.


Branded Uniforms and T-Shirts

If you have branded t-shirts and uniforms for yourself and your employees, it lets people know that you are a well-established company that pays attention to detail. It can be a minimal investment that makes all the difference.  It’s also a fantastic way to get your brand noticed.  There are great Birmingham t shirt printing services available that can give you professional looking garments.


Get a Dedicated Business Phone Number

This is essential to have as a company.  It allows you to be contactable but without sharing your private information. You could get a dedicated landline for your business, or else an alternative option is to get a Google Voice number.  This is free, will give you a separate phone number and allows storage of voicemails too.  You can also forward your calls to whatever number you would like for convenience purposes.

If ever in doubt when trying to make your business look more professional, have a think about what you look for when you are shopping around.  Would you purchase something from a company with a poor website? Or would you send an email to a company that didn’t have a dedicated domain name? Think about what has worked for you.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews