How Project Management Experts Cultivate Efficiency in Mines

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Efficient project management strategies should be implemented within the mining authority of the plan and planning execution of mine feasibility studies in order to ensure success and sustainability. Within the feasibility mine studies of a project, an important area to focus on is the services organogram which is developed in order to ensure the maximum productivity and efficiency of the mine through people who are using their specialty services in the right places. Through the expertise of competent project managers, provided by mining consultants such as Ukwazi, the jobs that are required to boost productivity and keep a mine running are organised, controlled and aligned in such a manner that employees use their skills to the benefit of everyone.

What Project Managers Do

Project management duties involve various organisational practices which need to be developed throughout the mine feasibility studies process. Successful mining projects require a unique and specific team of specialists in order to develop and maintain the running of a mine. The wide range of technical experts involved in large and small scale mines require a project manager to ensure that all projects are properly achieved within the larger set of objectives of the mine. It is the responsibility of the project manager to:

  • Align various disciplines
  • Deliver the appropriate study to withstand external scrutiny
  • Achieve the mine study objectives

How Project Managers Deliver

Project managers focus on delivering their objectives and prime principles which includes achieving technical excellence throughout the duration of the mine feasibility studies, as well as to deliver the project requirements on time and within budget. Project managers from leading mining consultancies can work as direct representatives of the client and the client’s interests, they can therefore report directly to executive level or support the internal project manager with professional advisory services. Mining advisors aim to protect and manage the risk of the project on behalf of the owner by providing expert consultancy services and solutions.

Should you require expert mining project managers to conduct, advise, and align the disciplines within your project, contact Ukwazi. Find out more about their project management team and the other value-added services they offer.

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen