How to Hire The Right Freelancing Industrial Designer For Your New Invention Idea?

Apart from other design job types, a good industrial designer should have a large skills range. From normal sketching to 3D modeling down to material prototypes and selection, and lastly to manufacturing. A good industrial designer should properly know process involve in product development from start to finish. This is the reason why industrial designers are very important to product inventors and. This also means you will have to do your possible best to know the right industrial designer to hire for your project. This article is about the way in which some independent product inventors and entrepreneurs can hire the right industrial designer for the purpose of their project.

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#1: Use cad crowd in hiring a freelancer

Just being upfront with this is quite impossible, but we believe the right way for you to hire an industrial designer is through cad crowding. Don’t be surprised! The main reason cad crowd was created was for the fact that we believe there should be a way for inventors and entrepreneurs to link up with talented designers on freelancing. Although other online outsourcing platforms exist, we wanted to develop something geared towards CAD product development service and design for independent inventors.

#2: Universities

Universities can as well be very helpful in discovering industrial design talent that is perfect for your budget. Students associated with designing are always over excited to put their skills to use and as such build their portfolio and experience and are generally ready to work at a lesser price than already established industrial designers. You can easily contact students through your local universities, this can be done by contacting the industrial design group meant for students, posting ads, or simply contacting professors.

#3: Online portfolios

Another way of hiring designers is by contacting individuals whose portfolios are of interest to you. Companies like the 911 Innovation sheet metal are popular platforms for designers to share their talent and observe the talent of others. These are talented industrial designers working in different manners of fields, posting breathtaking jobs. In case you come across something that is of interest to you, you can send a direct message.

#4: Traditionally design firms

You can of course always return to the old school way and hire a tradition design firm. When you are working with a high-class design firm, you have full assurance that you will be working with a professional designer, and you won’t have to waste your energy and time on hiring and identifying a designer.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews