Tips To Work better in Thailand

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Working in Thailand is culturally different in many ways from working in America or UK or any other nation across the world. Though some aspect may be similar while other may take some time in adjusting. There are some strict rules related to working hours as well as entitlement and companies and worker may be fined if they don’t abide by them.

Thus, you need to do a thorough research about the different rules and regulations related to you niche before you commence a work in Thailand. For instance, your daily working hours may change if your job is hazardous. If you work in a Thai company, it is common for a worker to go for a probationary period and the highest is 119 days. If in this time, the work doesn’t meet the employer’s requirements, they may end the contract. Hence, it is important to familiarise yourself with the business customs of Thailand.

Work briefing may be described as the details of your work which has been demanded from you. When you work as a freelance, you are provided with a list of tasks which you need to work on and do exactly as demanded. But, when you don’t understand the work briefing, how will you work on it. Hence, in order to understand it well, here are some important points mentioned below:

  1. Deadline to submit the task given

There is a particular time before which you need to submit the task. No matter whether your job is big or small, you need to be punctual with your work. The desired date helps you gain good repute with your client. If you fail to submit the task on time, then you may lose the project too. Sometimes freelance workers are given free will to submit the task.

  1. Work briefing should be done well

You should complete your task as per work briefing. Do not do anything which is against the guidelines. What color, size, and how many sizes are needed so be mentioned in your work briefing. What is the topic, where do you need to focus, what are the keywords, everything should be explained in detail! if the customers are happy, then the companies are happy.

  1. Ask for a sample of the work

It will be very good if you get a work pattern or sample of the work you have been asked to do. It will help you avoid editing work in the future. With a sample in your hand, you are less likely to make any mistake.

  1. If it is a blog, write well

If the job needs text, then there are several ways you can improvise your content. Be prepare for freelancer to be assessed in the right way. Make sure your work is smooth.

  1. Take sufficient time depending on the work load

When you get work briefing [บรีฟงาน, which is the term in Thai], you actually know the time the project is going to take. Create innovative ideas and assess how much time, the job is going to take and then suggest the deadline. But whatever deadline you choose, make sure you are punctual with it.

Be flexible, creative and logical with your work.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise