How to know About the International Postage Fee?

Every postage service aims to posting of mails as simple and convenient as possible. The price charged by them depends on the service you opt for, the kind of product you want to post and the destination where you desire to send it.

Basically, it can be categorised into distinctive services of Standard Post, Express Post, Registered Post as well as International Courier Service. The international postage fee is calculated depending on the international rates of the postage office and the package rates according to the item and its weight.

With reference to the weight of the postages, its shape, size and location of the item you are going to post the product, the cost of processing and delivering is calculated. Usually the post services segregate them into four segments when estimating the cost of its delivery which include letters and postcard, large envelope, packets as well as parcels.

If your item surpasses the weight or size standards of any segment, it automatically shifts to the next post category. You should know about the weight and size guideline of the shipment company you have chosen to be well aware of the fact that in which segment your product falls into. The price you need to pay also depends on the distance of your post destination. A post international delivery times are majorly estimating and sometimes the original cost may vary.

What do the international postage services offer you?

  • They carry letter, postcards, big envelopes and packets weighing around 2kgs.
  • They offer delivery to almost all international destinations.
  • They offer online tracking of your item till the time delivery is confirmed.

How does the procedure works?

  • Well, first and foremost, you need to choose an express post international barcode label from your nearest post office.
  • Then stick the label to the front of the product near the address.
  • Then fulfil the desired custom documentations and proceedings involved for international products and envelopes.
  • Use the suitable postage
  • Pay for the international postage fee [ค่าส่ง ไปรษณีย์ ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai] via cash or card whichever way you prefer.
  • Track its progress via your smartphone or laptop by the unique number given to you by the postage delivery company on the receipt.
  • Delivery is confirmed by a signature.

What does the total procedure cost you?

Well, the complete cost of post international depends on the weight and size of the item you are posting as well as the location to where you are posting. Look out for the international posting rates on the desired postal service you want and go for immediate delivery options. You can choose amongst the different delivery options to speed up your delivery.

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David Griffin

David Griffin