Laser Cutting Service In Singapore: 5 Materials They Use

 Have you ever been to a house or any establishment that does not have a design? It is impossible to see one, especially once the construction finishes. You must see a texture on the walls, ceilings, and even doors. Without the designs, the place will look dull and unpleasant to the eyes. People do not see anything but plain buildings, even if there are furniture and appliances. You can look for a laser cutting service in Singapore to improve the place.


A laser cutting service uses different materials to produce what its clients want. They have different options because some designs are not for the material. They need to depend on other elements in the building to ensure that everything matches. One wrong colour or design can ruin the looks of others. To avoid it from happening, you must be aware of the materials cutting services use, and here are some of them:


Make your place colourful yet simple by using acrylic. This material is either transparent or coloured, so you have options if you go for the plain and simple or have a vibrant environment. If it is what you want to use for your design, search for acrylic laser cutting in Singapore. They use different machines, depending on the material.


If you are looking for a material that is easy to cut, you can go for PVC foam. Some of the projects that use this are display boards and signages. However, PVC foams are easy to bend. Be mindful of using it to avoid damage.


Wood is one of the most common materials used by cutting services. It is easy to trim, but it depends on what kind of wood you have. Some of the choices offered by a wood cutting service in Singapore are the following:

  • Flame Shield
  • Fibre Board
  • Plywood (Pine or Birch)
  • Solid Timber
  • High-Pressure Laminate

Since it is wood and easy to cut, you can expect a clean design result, and the details are more defined. If you want to change or fix something, the service can do it hassle-free.


The material could be a phenolic board if they use a sharp blade to cut shapes, letters, and designs. This one also provides an accurate result on the board if handled by professionals. Some use a drill to put more details, depending on the layout.


You can also cut metal into any shapes and letters you want. Like wood, it also has different kinds. Choose which one suits your place, especially when it comes to the design and durability. A metal cutting service in Singapore will let you choose from the following:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised Sheet
  • Aluminium

These metals have different thicknesses, so choose based on what you need. Always consider the entire project because it can affect many things in the output. The size also impacts the overall design, knowing that metals are more challenging than other materials.

Knowing the differences between the materials used in a laser cutting service can help you see which one is for your place. You may also try using other materials, but it is better to ask those knowledgeable in the job. If you are interested in getting the offer, send them the design you want for your building.


Aside from knowing the materials a laser cutting service uses, you also need to be aware of the projects they construct. It is where you will see if you must get their offers and how they can help your building look better and more welcoming. Many projects they do are unique, and so do designs that people have never seen in any establishment before. To help you, here are some of their projects:



People who visit hotels and offices will notice that the lights have different designs. The inside might be the same bulb you see in your home, but its casing matters. The cases are from the laser cutting service and usually from wood. Choose the design based on the interior of the building.


If you see a door with different structures, the door panel is what you call it. The common materials used here are metals and woods to give people a precise design. Door panels will let you see the other side of the door.


A divider is almost the same as door panels and can be anywhere. It will suffice if you want another private space in your room but do not want to install a new door. With proper design, you can have the privacy you need. Match it with the theme of your room by getting the help of the laser cutting service.


When visiting hotels, people look at the ceiling, especially if the lamps catch their attention. They check the design to see how it distributes the light to the place. So to give them the view, invest in the ceiling panel design. You can make it similar to the wall panel or door but put a little difference to distinguish them.


A building is incomplete without a railing. It makes people safe if they are on a higher floor of the building, so investing in its design is also necessary. Match it with the door or the wall panel to make them look good. You can also ask the laser cutting service for other ideas they have in mind.


The front of your building also impacts the way people see the place. So to give them a good impression, invest in the façade. Cutting services can create different designs and projects you can install on your building.


A wall panel is also one of the projects of a laser cutting service. Aside from putting wallpaper or painting the walls with minimalist colours, installing a wall panel also helps. It is what people will first notice in the place, so make it appealing to the eyes.

Have these things in your building if you want your visitors to see a beautiful and welcoming establishment. They add life to the overall looks of the place, especially the doors and walls. Ensure that the designs are unique because it catches attention. Learn more about the laser cutting service in Singapore by visiting the website of Cutlab.

David Griffin

David Griffin