How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Virginia Beach? 

Workplaces can be dangerous, especially when harmful chemicals and heavy machinery are involved. Thus, all the employers should have workers’ compensation insurance in Virginia. Although we would suggest getting a workers’ compensation lawyer Virginia Beach onboard, read the quick article to understand how you can file a workers’ compensation claim in Virginia Beach. 

Note: Workers’ compensation insurance is no-fault insurance. However, the insurance adjusters will try to make it difficult for you to get the rightful compensation. 

Let’s get started! 

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Virginia Beach 

  • Report the injury – You must inform the employer about the injury within 30 days. However, don’t wait for thirty days – report it as soon as you can. If you miss this thirty-day deadline, your compensation claim can be denied. 
  • Filing the claim – Informing the employer is not the only thing you have to do. You must complete and also submit the claim form to receive the benefits. Completing the formalities is a must in this case. 
  • No-fault insurance – If the accident took place at work, you have the right to get the compensation. However, if the person injured themselves intentionally, the insurance adjuster will make it really hard for you to get the claim. Don’t indulge in such acts. There are some genuine cases where workers really need the money for medical bills and survival. 
  • The benefits: Workers’ compensation covers the medical bills, lost income (future and present), and lost wages. Lost wages have a negative effect on your life – don’t settle for a lower compensation. 
  • The right to appeal – Insurance companies are trying to save their money. So, they might deny the claim. You have full right to appeal. Don’t just settle – you must get a lawyer onboard and fight for your right. 

Medical bills can be expensive. Let’s not forget that you cannot work when you are injured. How will you survive and take care of your family? Even if you are a single entity, you should still get compensation for the injury caused at your workplace. 

Hiring the right lawyer can help! Make sure you read the reviews and check the ratings of the law firm you hire. 

An experienced lawyer possesses knowledge of the state laws. So, go ahead and choose the best lawyer in Virginia Beach and don’t let the insurance company shrug you off. 

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen