Help to Manage Any Type of Relationship Forms

What is CRM? CRM or customer relationship management consists of the guidelines and principles that businesses use to better reach out to clients and to get new ones. All software that you pay for or that are even free is designed to help with communication with clients across all stages of the marketing process. CRM is about opening direct channels of communications with customers during sales-and service-related processes. It is also about analyzing and studying consumer’s trends and behavior and includes mobile CRM. The end goal of any CRM tool is to better the overall experience between you and any client with a brand.

Find then manage leads

This client management software package that CloudCC offers you can be tried for free and is a lead-capturing tool. This web lead form is easy to customize to your needs. It can be set up with:

  • Potential client’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Other information important to your business

Place on your site

You can also place these web forms as a page on your site, allowing potential clients to get in touch with you. If they input suitable information and then click the button for submission, all details you want to capture will routinely be brought into the CloudCC system and then a lead record with them will be generated

Student admissions

If you are the manager of student admissions, there is also a student admission management portal. There is an easy-to-fill-out online custom registration form to eliminate traditional manual applications. All the student’s registration data are recorded and imported into the system automatically. You can register all types of students, including new, transfer as well as continuing students. All this application and registration data is available in one place; you can check and get your work done anytime, anywhere without switching between multiple systems and silos. Capture, analyze and respond smarter to prospective students, will increase new student enrollment.



Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews