If you are one of those people who are currently enjoying the income from cryptocurrency, it is time that you get an app to help you find more ways to be successful in this trade. Some are not comfortable doing so because they have no idea how it works.

To give you better understanding about how the app works, starting with the difference of manual to automated in cryptocurrency trade app is a good start.


This is recommended only to people who know how cryptocurrency works. If you do not know a bit, it is best that you do not consider this option. When you say manual, you will decide not only on the asset you want to trade but also when, where and how to trade it. This is perfect to those people who have enough time to spend on their computer, watch and analyze the movement of different trades.

This may be time consuming for traders but those who want to stick with the basic and the traditional way of trading may choose this option instead.


This is perfect to those who have no idea on how cryptocurrency works or those who are just starting. Automated cryptocurrency trade app will make your money grow without you needing to understand the trade in depth.

This is also a good choice to people who do not have much time to spend, yet want to get income from cryptocurrency. Most of the people using automated apps have other jobs to do and just taking advantage of the possible additional income they can get from cryptocurrecy.

Whether you want manual or automated, the bottom line is, you can get income from cryptocurrency. To know more about it and what it can do, click here.