Thousands of people lose their lives in major trucking accidents every year. These trucks pose extraordinary risks to drivers no matter where they driving. Huge trucks can be seen running on quiet residential roads and busy freeways. And other motorists must know how to share the road with these big vehicles. 

According to several studies, most injuries and deaths that happen during trucking accidents involve passengers of smaller vehicles. The majority of trucks feature big, raised cabs, keeping truck drivers protected during crashes. But, occupants of passenger vehicles are not quite lucky. If you have been involved in an accident that involves a truck, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque to help you deal with the legal implications. Because you may be suffering from serious injuries, you need all liable parties to pay you the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to know the different kinds of commercial vehicles that other vehicles will share the road with:

Tanker Trucks

Most tankers carry liquid that could be dangerous when spilled. Thus, other motorists must maintain a safe distance from these big trucks. Although truck drivers have completed special training and received certification, some of them can still be negligent when driving trucks. Accidents that involve tankers can lead to deadly explosions.


The truck’s tractor part is home to the engine and cab where the tractor driver sits. Tractors pull semitrailers behind them. Tractor-trailers meet some size regulations and are driven by a trained driver. However, they can still pose a serious road risk. With their huge size, they can deal significant damage when involved in a crash. 

Delivery Trucks

These box trucks weigh a bit less than tractor-trailers. But other drivers should not allow these trucks’ slightly smaller size to fool them. Delivery trucks can still pose a threat to roadways. Every driver needs to pay attention to their surroundings when they are near a delivery truck. 

Industrial Trucks

These trucks include big, all-purpose-drive trucks on the road such as dump trucks, cement trucks, and garbage trucks. The size and weight of these trucks put other motorists at serious risk. When an industrial truck crash happens, it can harm all vehicle drivers nearby. Also, these trucks carry products that can lead to serious injuries when tumbled down onto a car nearby. 

If you had a truck accident, you should preserve your right to compensation. A great truck accident lawyer will assist you throughout the legal process.