5 Top Window Trends for Your Home

We spent more than a year inside our homes during stay-at-home orders, so a home’s finishing touches became more important. And windows are a huge part of remodeling and renovating, which is causing the commercial window market to grow in popularity.

So why not bring some change into your home with an update to your windows? You may finally be ready to tackle a much-needed renovation or looking to spruce things up to fit your style and needs.

We can help! Keep reading for our breakdown of the 5 best window trends of 2021. 

1. Window Seats

If you’re looking to update your windows and increase seating capability all in one, a window seat is a perfect trend to follow. Your household will be unable to resist the comfort of a giant cushion and a front-row seat to the great outdoors.

A window seat has a place as a reading nook in your living room or library, or as banquette seating at the kitchen table. The possibilities are endless as long as you get to cozy up to the outdoors when you can’t go outside!

2. Large Windows

Why go big or go home when you can go big in your home? Make your windows a main attraction by increasing their size! From wide, illustrious bay windows to the towering floor to ceiling windows, a large window is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

The rise in popularity of large windows may come from millennial’s fondness for mid-century modern design. There’s also a growing desire to let in as much natural light as possible. With a large window, you’ll definitely let the sunshine in.

One pro of large windows? You don’t have to keep the lights on all day. A con? More natural light means more natural heat, so you’ll have to run the AC to keep the house cool on sunny days.

3. Dark Windows

Looking for sleek, industrial vibes in your home? Then a black-framed window, otherwise known as a dark window, will surely work for you. Black frames are all the rage lately, as they stand out against white walls, making the window frame pop.

And you know how black goes with everything? Black frames can work with most architectural styles too.

4. Practical Impact Windows

Have your windows cracked under the pressure of a storm or can’t keep the wind chill out? They may be due for an update with practical impact window treatments. Practical impact windows are great for all-weather situations.

Practical impact windows provide safety from storm-force winds. They also keep the cold out in cold, wintry places like Canada. You may want to look into the best window companies to help install practical impact windows made for this purpose.

5. Indoor-Outdoor Windows

Combine the best of a large window with access to the outdoors, and you get sliding doors. Sliding doors create an open feel in your home without adding additional space!

If you like to entertain, consider adding a counter window to connect your kitchen to your outdoor entertaining space. Add a sliding or casement window, install a counter, and you’ve got yourself the perfect serving area!

Circulate fresh air into the home with awning windows. Awning windows are usually casement windows that add on to a fixed window. Their downward angle makes them able to use rain or shine!

Window Trends to Breathe New Life Into Your Home

New window designs are not only for protecting the home or a way to express your home’s style and personality. These new window options can help give you more sunlight and access to fresh air, improving your happiness and at-home experience.

Now you have a few window trends to follow and make your own! Remember, home is not only where the heart is, but where your health and wellbeing begins! Keep browsing the blog for more home tips.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer