In order to understand the basic difference between a hammer drill and impact driver, you need to check the direction from where each of them will exert additional force during their twisting action.

A hammer drill will exert greater amount of force directly into bit because it will hit the material which is being drilled, while impact driver will increase the force that is delivered on perpendicular direction to the bit.

Most of the rock drilling tools and bits for underground application will drill straighter holes and the supplier of these tools will offer you such drill bits that can be easily coupled and uncoupled with the drilling machines. This can offer you better productivity and lesser downtime.

Drilling straight holes

All of us understand very well about the importance of the straight holes while drilling on any surface. In case there is any deviation then there can be many different kinds of problems.

Some of the problems can be including:

  • Increased vibrations
  • Uneven fragmentation
  • Increased loss or dilution of waste rock or fill material

Besides precision drilling, also it is important; all the charges can be carefully dimensioned on the holes.

Straight holes drilling for bench and production 

In order to meet high standards of today, for effectiveness as well as safety, the straightness of drilling and also the quality of your blasthole will be the key for the success.

For obtaining the best possible overall blasting results, each hole will be required that it is drilled in its exactly on right spot, in the perfect right direction and also to the required depth.

Also, it is important to consider about the impact of tough geological conditions that is present during the drilling operation. Top hammer drilling equipment is designed and also adapted to satisfy all these requirements.

The top hammer drilling equipment system will translate into a really very great amount of boost in your productivity.

It is because of increase in its capacity, you will be able to drill a number of holes in any particular shift. This will also open up the possibility of much quicker blasting and more advances in the bench as well as production drilling.