Where Do Expansion Joints Used In Buildings?

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The expansion joints are mostly used in building construction. It is a midsection separation designed to relieve stress on building materials, which caused by building a movement and induced by certain factors such as:

  • Seismic events
  • Sway caused by the wind
  • Live load deflection
  • Thermal expansion and contraction due to thermal changes
  • Static load deflection

Due to the joint bisects the building structure completely and it creates a gap through all building assemblies. It includes decks, walls, foundation floor, interior floors, etc. This gap must be filled to restore fireproofing, waterproofing, air barrier, and other functions of the building elements it bisects. The expansion system used to bridge the gap and restore the building assembly uses when hosting expected movements.

The importance of expansion joints:

The expansion joints in buildings are utilized for different architectural structures, which particularly have a need for these types of joints. Usually, high rise buildings are exposed to different factors such as velocity, weather, seismic activity and so on. The expansion joint is an assembly and designed to absorb safely expansion as well as the contraction of various construction materials caused by heat.

These joints absorb vibration and allow movement because of the ground settlement and earthquakes. Mostly these are found between sections of sidewalks, bridges, railway tracks, sidewalks, and other building structures. Because of the cooling and warming as well as seasonal change and heat resources, concrete slabs, pipelines, and building faces contract and expand throughout the year.

Uses of expansion joints:

The expansion joints are used in many industries and different fields. The variety of expansion joints available for application is awesome. In general, they are manufactured at the standard dimensions and can go from 1inches up to 200inches in diameter. They can withstand temperature from 300 degrees to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. The opening of the fabric joints are revolutionized thoroughly the way engineers solve abrasive, corrosive, and thermal expansion issues. These types of joints can be utilized in different applications for turbines. It may conveniently be used for turbine exhaustive applications because of its variety of designs and fabric membranes. Here are some of the uses of expansion joint covers.

  •    Floor expansion joint covers
  •    Wall and ceiling
  •    Interior
  •    Parking and stadium
  •    Compression seals
  •    Winged seals

You have to choose the right joint cover as per your building requirement so that you can live a healthy life as well as save money.

David Griffin

David Griffin