The Benefits of Virtual Offices for US Businesses


As a business person in the United States, you know the challenges of getting your own business off the ground. The many trials and tribulations that you go through to see your startup succeed are well worth it at the end of the day. Getting to that level of success takes time, but your drive keeps you moving forward.

The way businesses are run these days has changed slightly though. No longer do you need to have a proper storefront on the main street in order to be noticed by the public. You don’t need a huge factory to get your business started. You can easily run your startup from home if you like.

The virtual office has become more prevalent in the last few years. The benefits of virtual offices are evident right away. With some work, you can put these benefits to good use when it comes to your business – whatever it may be.

Cost Savings

What is one of the main barriers to entry for businesses? Capital. There are a lot of great ideas out there that have great potential, but sadly they die on the cutting room floor due to overheads. If only there was a way to save money up front for your business. There is if you use a virtual office. Physical offices are expensive, and you probably don’t have enough employees to run the operation just yet. With a virtual office, you can rent as much space as you need for the time being. You can even run your office from your home.

Business Number & Mailing Address

If you are in need of mail service or a phone number for your business, you probably want to avoid using your home address. What if business picks up? What if you need mail delivered? And your cell phone number doesn’t need to be known publicly, does it? Not with a virtual office. Virtual offices offer mail services and the option to have your phones managed in house.

Alternatively, if you run your virtual office from your home or from a shared workplace with your partners, you can purchase a P.O. box for a low fee. VOIP communication through RingCentral Office, Vonage Business, or Intermedia Cloud PBX are great alternatives to using your personal cell phone to pick up calls from retailers or customers.

Corporate Structure

Your business may run differently than a brick-and-mortar store, and it may not have the person-power of a large venture. With that said, it’s important to still have the presence of a company despite its size. Meeting rooms, receptionists, cubicles – virtual offices can offer these simple structural elements to your startup. By showing potential investors and partners that you have a footprint of sorts, you can generate a lot more interest.

Location Independence

Perhaps the most important benefit that virtual offices provide is the ability to be location independent. This was mentioned briefly earlier when we were talking about your office location. The fact of the matter is that your employees could be located in other parts of the world as well

You don’t have to hire an office full of people locally anymore. If you want something done for your business, it’s easy to outsource tasks to global partners. This can alleviate build costs, extend the hours of your business (especially if your team is on the other side of the world), and have experts in areas where you have no expertise handle specific areas of your startup. These are things you may not be able to find or afford if you set your business up without a virtual office

Virtual Offices Will Help Your Business Thrive

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. Your business can work more fluidly in a virtual office than in a standard business setup. With lower costs, a larger and more diverse team, and a perceived corporate structure, a virtual office gives you a lot of tools for your toolbox.






Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer