How Computers Are Vital to Small Business

It’s hard to imagine anyone running a business either large or small in this modern world without computers and networks, considering the profusion and convenience of a seemingly unlimited amount of information on the Internet. All anyone needs now to set up and operate a small business of their own is a computer and a connection to the Internet. Also, the way small businesses operate their enterprises is influenced by computers and the Internet.

Here’s some advice for anyone operating a business large or small and for those wanting to set one up:

Begin the Beguine

There’s no doubt that computers make it much easier to start a small business. You can run almost any kind of small business by, for instance, buying or selling goods from home, or blogging, writing for websites, creating a youtube account and posting videos with only a camera, some editing software, a connection to the Internet and a laptop computer. You can keep tax and transaction records, manage your payroll, and pay your business’s bills from the computer, and also market the business online via social media.

On the Move

Operating a small business using your computer means you can work anywhere. This opens up more opportunities and means you don’t have the overheads of renting an office, with a plethora of co-working spaces opened up in the major cities in Australia. With a laptop and Wi-Fi capability, you can be inspired by working in cafes and parks, libraries or art galleries, even airport lounges. There are no limits to operating a small business online and 9 to 5 ceases to exist which means you can work on the move.

Produce the Goods, Don’t Browse

While Computers are an invaluable tool for small business operation, productivity, and ultimately profit, they do, like most things, have a downside if abused. On the negative side, since the Internet is available all the time, you might be getting into a bad habit of working when you should be sleeping or having some healthy recreation. Also, the availability of instant messaging such as Messenger, email, Skype, Facebook, and other communication tools makes it so darn easy to become distracted. This is true not only for yourself but anyone who works for or with you because it encourages people to browse on the computer rather than get down to work.

No Pain No Gain

To be successful in small business it’s important to take advantages of how your computer can be your best mate. But it’s vital that you get properly trained in how to use your computer, and how to use system applications. This is especially so if you have a new computer system and either feel you don’t have the time or you are resisting learning how to use it properly or to teach your employees. The learning curve might be difficult, but your small business success could depend on it, so ‘no pain, no gain’ applies here.

Chill Out, Telecommute

Many more people are working from home on their computers and small businesses who are competing with the big end of town are increasingly taking advantage of the trend, offering the choice of telecommuting as a lure to attract top talent.

Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo