Benefits of Collaboration Tools in Company

The mobilization of employees is a major challenge for the competitiveness and success of companies. Remote collaboration has become the norm, not the exception.. For employees, stress increases at the same time as the workload raised. Attracting and retaining the best talent is a goal that can only be achieved if the company acts accordingly, particularly by fostering collaboration tools to enhance working efficiency.

Here are some very eloquent figures and considerations about the value of the quality of the working environment in a company.

Employee Engagement

Excellent collaboration positively impacts employee engagement, and better engagement makes employees happier, more reliable and less prone to accidents. So providing a collaborative work environment with effective tool must therefore be one of the main objectives of companies at the present time.

Productivity Gains

A high-quality collaboration tool allows significant productivity to increase 21%! From this aspect, video conferencing software for mobile working employees is critically necessary. For instance, ezTalks Meetings can be one of the brilliant collaboration systems, which is an online video meeting software with strong functions of screen sharing, whiteboard annotation, session recording, and so on.

Profitability Gains

Productivity often goes hand in hand with profitability, a close increase is observed for this component (+ 22%). Working in the collaborative work environment, employees can get access to make decisions of emergent affairs done efficiently across the great distance. Under this situation, business profit wins its priority.


Prices of collaboration tools over these years are economical than before. When the employees do not have to make marathon journeys to meet remote workers physically, it reduces expenses such as transportation and accommodation. That means the company will saves more finances, remainder costs can be applied to other subjects.

Better Retention

Companies that mobilize for their employees are thus rewarded and manage to retain them more easily, 81% of employees benefiting from advanced means of collaboration wish to remain in their company. And there was also a drop in absenteeism of 37%.

Safety at work

Another advantage and not least: safety in the workplace. Employees are almost half as many accidents as others. Security and commitment of employees increase then the working efficiency will go up synchronously.

At present, there is no obstacle to the adoption of collaborative solutions by companies. ezTalks offers effective collaboration solutions, including video conference software and hardware, for all types of meeting room scales. No matter the size or layout of your workspace, ezTalks has the solution you need to digitize your meeting rooms with award-winning video conferencing device. They are easy to use and adapt to all your ways of working.

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore