A new product launch needs to be done properly if you want to ensure its success and the success of your company. This usually means setting up a special event where you introduce your product to interested stakeholders, whether it be potential customers or investors.

You could also go to a trade show and compete with everyone else by setting up the best exhibition stand which showcases your product beautifully.  After all, a successful product launch revolves around utilizing the best props and visual aids necessary to attract the most attention to your product.

If you have the best product in the world but the launch presentation is poor, then no one is going to know about your product. That is why you need to choose the eyecatching props which showcase your product in the best way possible.

Below are the top 5 props which should put you on the right track.

Custom Exhibition Stand

A custom exhibition stand is a sure way to make your brand and product stand out from the rest of them. Every little aspect of the design will represent your own unique brand, such as the colours, finishes, architecture, images, logos, shapes, the list goes on.

If you have an exhibition stand which is unique at the product launch event, then more people will pay attention to your stand and want to learn about your product.

Product Artwork / Replica

It is not enough to just have pictures and videos of your product. Your exhibition stand must display your product up close for people to see. Now, you may be in a situation where you only have a prototype of the product. In this case, you can design replicas of your product which accurately represent its size, shape, and overall appearance.

If your product is something digital, such as a piece of software, then you should still design 3D artwork which represents that product. This could be a physical case for the software which has the brand’s visuals represented on the cover. Get creative and have fun designing and branding.

Wide Screen Televisions

Posters and signs are very nice, but they certainly do not compete with video presentations. Any 21st-century exhibition stand should have a widescreen television to display educational videos or other information about the product being represented.

The larger the television, the more attention you will bring to your exhibition stand. Make sure you choose a high-definition television which crystal clear picture quality.


Suits and ties may be professional in a traditional business setting, but they tend to look boring at a product launch event. You may have better luck attracting attention if you and/or your staff members dress up in costumes.

These should be custom made costumes which have a unique style that is representative of your brand. Perhaps you could create a character or mascot for your brand and dress up like that. Some great examples of brand characters are the Energizer Bunny and Ronald McDonald. Create a character like these which incorporates your own brand’s colours and style.

Musical Instruments

Your product may not be related to music or singing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate music into your exhibition. Have live performers play instrumental music at your exhibition stand which invokes certain feelings or emotions in people.

For instance, if you’re launching a car accessory or turbocharged engine, you could play fast-paced rock music that gives people thrills and excitement. On the other hand, if you’re introducing a new piece of computer technology, you could have techno music performances at your stand.

Image Pexels License CCO