Conservative, Freezer or Brewer, which commercial product you need and why?

Whether at home or at an establishment, you need a place to store your food properly. Learn in this article which equipment is the most suitable and ideal to meet all your needs, whether in the trade or in your residence. And, for more details pleas click here.

Short introduction

What will define the functionality of each appliance, is the temperature. So, it is important that you take into consideration which product to stock and its quantity, thus, the process will be done correctly, avoiding loss of food. There are numerous models and types of coolers, and in this article we will comment on some of the most common, their characteristics, temperatures and usability of each. When designing your business or even your industrial kitchen, many people wonder whether conservative, freezer and brewers have differences, and which of the three to acquire.

Commercial Conservative

Also known as Visa Cooler and Refrigerator, the Conservator is a dedicated refrigerated equipment for beverages and dairy products such as water, mate, yogurt, isotonic, juice and soda.It works with positive temperature through the forced air cooling system, and they usually have a glass door for better product exposure.

When a food is exposed at this temperature, the proliferation of microorganisms in food is delayed, increasing consumption time.The refrigerator can be found in several models and sizes, so you can choose which one matches the most with the establishment and meets your needs.The one-door refrigerator is compact and practical for small food storage. Already with two doors, they have a large internal space and have separate compartments.It is a very versatile equipment, as it can be used in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, among others.

Commercial Freezer or refrigerator

The freezer is the ideal choice for preserving frozen products and beverages.You can store meats, vegetables and greens. In addition, the freezers are excellent for those who need to chill large quantities of drink quickly.Freezing causes the proliferation of microorganisms to be prevented by conserving food for much longer than the refrigerator.They are available in two formats: horizontal and vertical:

  • The horizontal has more internal space, which allows you to store products that do not fit in conventional refrigerators, like large cuts of meat, for example.
  • Used when storing items for a long time, and should not be prevented from opening frequently, as it uses static cooling as a storage medium.
  • The vertical has the advantage of occupying less useful space than the horizontal, and is most suitable for those who make constant opening of the door, which can be glass and plated.


Ideal choice for conservation EXCLUSIVELY of beers.By having forced air cooling system leaves the beer at the ideal temperature for consumption, without freezing.It can have glass door and blind door, which you can stick with your favorite brand. This product is also consider as household product. Because if you love to drink beer, or any kinds of alcoholic beverages you can buy this one for individual use, obviously the smaller one.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise