Wonder Cements – So Much More than Business

Wonder cements is one of the cement companies that gives way more importance to the ideals and values than core sales. They give customers the prime importance and completely connect with the nature of purchase and the reason of buying cement.

All the TVCs of Wonder Cements talk about “Ek Perfect Shuruat”. They focus on how in our career and personal life a perfect beginning plays an important role. Similarly they also know that cement is the foundation of the house and it has to be good to build the house with no flaws at all. They completely get that that the base needs to be strong for any building and they work hard to process excellent products so that there is no chance of complaint in the future.3

The website of Wonder cements explains the detailed process of the production of cement right from extraction to packing. No company gets into detailing if they not care much of the end consumer. They list down in detail each and every step the cement goes through to develop the end product that is totally trustworthy.

Wonder Cements is also doing a lot of social work with whole zeal. They are building on education by partnering with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and make sure that the school kids get proper food, sanitation facilities, education kit etc. They are working for the infrastructural development of the villages as well. They are helping construct water supplies for government schools and neighboring villages. They are doing a lot of work for women empowerment by helping village women and girls learn sewing so that they can earn their own livelihood by stitching. Amganwari centres have been created in many villages for the children with all possible amenities for orphans.

Wonder Cement is also taking care of the environment while producing cement. All the processes are very eco friendly with least production of dust. They have also worked on a vast greenbelt with trees and herbs and townships around the mining area. They are contributing to water harvesting by constructing water plants in the mining area to supply water to the government schools.

This company has built its foundation on trust and would continue doing good work for people in general and country at large. To know more, visit the website.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke