There are times when the photo is taken in a not suitable background and changing the background is just what you need to do to make the photo look professional. If you want to use a new background, you must delete the existing background first. To do this, you will need to find a photo editor software that offers a background removal tool like Movavi Photo Editor. You must first go to the Movavi site and download Movavi Photo Editor.

When the software launch, you must go to the background removal tab and follow the instructions. The first button in the background changer tab which is the green brush tool is the tool that you need to select first. With the green brush tool, you must trace the outline of the all the subjects one by one. Once you finish marking the subjects, you must switch to the red brush tool and draw a stroke all over the background like you are striking through something to show that it will be delete.

You can use the red brush tool to mark anything that you want to delete not just the background. For example, if the photo shows you and the other person, you can use the red brush tool to mark the other person and the background to completely delete them from the photo. When the yellow silhouette appears, you can check and see if it exactly outline the object you want to keep.

The eraser tool is available for your dispense if you need to make any correction on the markings you made with the brush tools. You must click the Cut Out button in order for the objects marked in red to be cut out. The areas that are cut out will show a transparent background that can be filled with a color or a new background.

You can navigate to the tabs on the right to use the different tools to create your picture. In the adjust tab, you can apply effects like shadow to make the picture look 3d. The sharpness slider is especially useful for fixing a blur photo. You can make your photo look lighter or darker with the enhance tools. Black and white photos can also be created by using the enhance tools in the enhance tab. If you need to add some text, you just have to go over to the text tab.

When you click the button that says add text, a new text box where you can type in the text will appear. You can expand the text box by dragging the corner if you want to add more text. All the basic text formatting are supported by the built in text editor. You can transform your photo into an art by using the built in effects under the Effects tab. The artistic filter will layer over the original photo to create a nice outcome. The software does not automatically save your work so you must remember to press the export button to save the photo before quitting.