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Do you know how many applications use dog point screw in their assembling? A dog point screw is actually a functional item for a variety of different industries and is easily applicable. Their simple usability and adaptability when being produced make them easy fasteners to deal with.

What is a dog point screw?

If you are not overly familiar with what dog point screws are or are used for, allow us to explain. A dog point screw is an industrial fastener designed with a flat, protruding tip. It is used traditionally to hold one or more objects in place both safely and securely. They are also commonly used in guiding industrial parts into drilled holes.

What makes them useful?

A dog point screw has a variety of points that make them useful in the industrial industry and have companies wishing to be supplied with them. Examples are:

  • They can be used in the securing of heavy-duty items when they are suspended off the ground or are in general need of support. An example of this is on an assembly line.
  • They are easy to install, which means simplistic usability for whatever application it is being used.
  • They are affordable. Dog point screws are reasonably priced by the likes of Pattern Fasteners, and so are easily obtainable for those who are in need of them without an extreme cost.  

Can they be bespoke?

Yes, absolutely. dog point screws are commonly manufactured in various ways to fit specific needs. A dog point screw can be:

  • Made of different materials, such as aluminium and brass to name a few.
  • Made and designed for different characteristics. A dog point screw can be created to resist the likes of extreme temperatures and corrosion, even being made to factor in tensile strength.
  • Made in different shapes and sizes. A dog point screw can be needed for various industrial applications and so when being manufactured they need to suit the requirements of what they will be used for.

In short, dog point screws are used to benefit different applications within the industrial industry due to their being cost efficient, bespoke and simplistic to use. If you are wondering where you can go to have dog point screws manufactured and supplied for you, well…

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