Metals and alloys such as iron and steel tend to oxidize in the presence of oxygen and water. In a natural state, it’s almost impossible to avoid wear of these materials. Therefore, science has developed new techniques over the years to preserve structure and hardness of metals. One of these techniques is plating.

In simple words, plating involves coating a metal sensitive to corrosion with a thin film of another stainless material. Chrome, nickel and silver are some of the ideal materials for coatings. The piece is cleaned, coated with an activating substance and then immersed in a solution with small amounts of stainless metal.

One of the most popular techniques for preserving metals today is electroless nickel plating.

In many cases, plating should be done in the presence of an electric current. However, it has been shown that this kind of plating can thicken the surface of a piece too much. Adding more coating than necessary could completely ruin a micrometric adjustment piece. In other cases, part of the piece could suffer wear.

Fortunately, thanks to a discovery that happened by accident, today we have a much safer technique: electroless plating. In this case, the piece must not go through an electric current, preventing too much material from adhering to the walls of the piece, also preventing thickening.

Currently electroless nickel plating services are very popular in United States. Plating, in addition to protecting metals from corrosion and wear, gives them a much harder surface, preventing deformation by heat and use. It also gives them a glossy appearance.

Nuts, screws, tools, auto parts and more. There’s no piece too big or too small that cannot be plated. Today, there are many electroless nickel plating services because of the great demand that currently exists in the market. Plating parts has become an indispensable practice for many industries in these days.

When it comes to plating luxury accessories and jewelry, there’s no better option than silver. Silver plating services are usually a little more expensive compared to others, but the quality of the coating and the final finish are unbeatable. If you choose silver plating services your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Many customers usually opt for this kind of coatings for motorcycle handlebars, automobile steering wheels, car accessories and bike bodies. If you want to get attention anywhere you go, silver plating is the most suitable for you.

Nowadays, plating services have become a very lucrative business due to the high demand. As new means of transport and new technologies are produced, demand will continue to increase much more. Plating isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it’s a necessity.

To ensure performance and durability over time of any metal device, it’s essential that its parts can withstand environmental attacks. Temperature, humidity and friction are the three main enemies of metal.

For that reason, if you want your metal pieces have maximum durability and last for much longer, make sure they are plated.