Why choose Bolton Skip hire?

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To benefit from skip hire in your local area, whether it be Bolton, Chorley or Leyland, you need to make sure that you choose a dependable provider that you can trust.  

Bolton Skip Hire are the experts when it comes to skip hire Bolton, skip hire Leyland, and skip hire Chorley – providing you with a suitable solution for disposing of any waste that your domestic or commercial project generates.

Here’s why you should choose Bolton Skip Hire today:


With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in domestic skip hire and commercial skip hire, Bolton Skips can help you to dispose of waste with ease. Guaranteeing that time constraints are met and that materials are handled safely.

Offering 20 years of experience in skip hire Bolton, Bolton Skips have extended their services and now provide skips to customers further afield- which is why they also specialise in skip hire Leyland.

No matter how big or small your project is, or how much waste is generated, Bolton Skips have just the solution – leaving you to concentrate on completing other aspects of your project.


With experience comes quality. The quality of the service that Bolton Skips provide today has evolved since they first started 20 years ago. They aim to provide skip hire Chorleyto suit all budget requirements, ensuing quality and affordability.

Skip hire Chorleyis just one of the affordable services that Bolton Skips are proud to offer, allowing you to keep your waste disposal costs down and guaranteeing the best value for your money. Bolton Skips can help you to find a cost-efficient solution for removing waste, saving you the hassle of transporting it to the tip yourself and ensuring that it is disposed of legally.


The most baffling thing for some people is choosing the right skip and with so many different sizes available to choose from at Bolton Skips, it’s no surprise!

They have a wide range of skips available, making it easy to find a skip that suits the nature of your project and the volume of waste that you expect to generate.

Domestic skip hire Preston is recommended for smaller projects that produce a moderate amount of waste.Commercial skip hire is tailored more towards the requirements of businesses. Bolton Skips can accommodate projects that generate immense volumes of waste, hence why they offer industrial skip hire.


Hiring a skip from a reputable company like Bolton Skips makes waste disposal much easier for you.

A key reason why so many people choose Bolton Skips for skip hire Wigan, is that they can remove waste quickly, at a time to suit you – making it a convenient and time efficient choice for waste removal..

Bolton Skips are always on hand to offer advice and support, so be sure to contact them on 01204 383737 today!

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews