What Is Included In A Boiler Service?

A boiler service includes a variety of services that can help keep your boiler in good condition. These services may include regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Some common features that are included in a boiler service are ensuring that the boiler is properly sized for your home, checking for air leaks, and replacing or repairing parts as necessary. When you call an engineer for boiler service, he will perform the following:

Visual Inspection

If you sign up for a boiler service engineer, this certified person will check on the opposite part of your boiler. Once you have located a boiler service engineer, you would need to determine it yourself. You could get a rough estimate of what it will cost to have an authorised professional inspect and service your boiler, approximately around $240. The engineer will inspect your components so that they will work appropriately.

During the visual examination, the engineer will look out for any weak points or those subject to degradation, such as gas leaks and corrosion damage. The engineer will also inspect the flame of the boiler.

Removal of the Casing

When the gas safety inspector decides to look over the exterior of the boiler to check it, he will remove the boiler’s casing. He will examine the major components of the boiler to make sure they are operating normally. Eventually, the inspector will remove the casing and thoroughly evaluate the boiler’s major components, moving forward. They check the:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Major injector
  • Burner, and
  • Spark probe

Flue Check

The engineer will check that there are no blockages in the flue terminals. He will also check the flue for successful installation and ensure that it’s not releasing toxic substances into the air.

Gas Pressure Check

The boiler requires sufficient gas pressure to function effectively. If it’s not, the water from the sinks and radiators will not heat up to the level it should. To make sure you stay out of any trouble, the boiler service engineer will also check the gas pressure of your boiler.

Boiler Fired Up

This check allows the engineer to see if there’s a problem with the boiler.

Issuance of Report

After the engineer has completed all necessary tests, he’ll write a report summarizing the diagnosis. This can help you see if there are any issues with your boiler. You’ll also be able to learn what to look for in terms of your boiler to keep using it correctly.

Ask your engineer when he would assess the boiler that you have (list the company’s name and model). Not all engineers deal with all kinds of boilers. This is uncommon, but to be safe, ask a gas safety Registered Engineer before you schedule a visit to the company.

Importance of Annual Boiler Servicing

A boiler service should be viewed as an absolute necessity rather than an extravagance. Here are some reasons why boiler upkeep is so crucial.

Catch boiler problems early

Annual maintenance using an annual boiler tune-up will help you prevent early boiler repairs and related hassles. You should schedule a maintenance appointment for your boiler every year as the demand for heat increases during the winter months.

Boiler repairs are costly

If the problem is getting worse and there’s only one option left, it’s going to be very costly to replace or repair a particular part.

The boiler warranty will void

For those who do not know, here is a little trivia. If you do not get your boiler serviced for an extended period, your warranty will be voided. You will not have the ability to make any repairs or assert anything in case of a problem.


A boiler service generally includes a check of all the major components of the boiler, cleaning and/or replacement of any necessary parts, and calibration of the boiler to ensure it is working at its best. By having your boiler serviced regularly, you can help prolong its life and avoid costly repairs.

David Griffin

David Griffin