When it comes to planning a start-up business, there are several aspects that you have to look into. Arranging the right finances, building an employee base, getting to know the type of clients you are to deal with, building a target audience and most importantly, registering your business so that you perform all transactions legally without any problem. All of these aren’t a cake walk, and it takes time as well as the right effort to bring things in place.

Even when you manage to make arrangements for all the resources, registering your business often becomes problematic where you are in a long queue, and the authorities take time to bring your business to the forefront. What do you do then? Wait till the time things happen all by itself or take necessary measures to speed up the entire business registration process? Well, this is where www.incfile.com comes to your rescue. Whether it is the need to form an LLC or a non-profit organization, we do it all for you without you having to toil all day long.       

The Role that you Play

We are an organization that consists of an excellent team of experts who have the relevant expertise and experience up their sleeves where you receive the right help at the right time. We make you undergo a simplified process where all you are to do is follow a few steps and ensure each of it is taken care of in a correct way while we take care of the rest.

Step 1 – You are to select the type of entity that you intend to form as a business (LLC, Corporation, S-Corporation or Non-Profit) which often depends on the type of work that you do and the revenues you intend to earn.    

Step 2 – You are to then select the state from where the business incorporation would be in operation so that it gets easy to follow the respective state laws.

Step 3 – Select one of the three packages that we offer you, complete the online order form and sit back while we do the work for you.

What we do?

While this is where your role ends, our part starts thereafter. We too are known to follow a few easy steps that allow you to watch your business come to life.

Step 1 – We check the name to match it against the state database to ensure that the name is available for use.

Step 2 – Once the availability is confirmed, the articles are drafted while following the necessary guidelines and then sent across to the state authorities who file it after necessary verifications.

Step 3 – After the article is approved from their end, it comes to us, and we make it available for you.

The Final Outcome

While all of these easy processes are undertaken by us to help you start your C Corporation online, we intend to make things easy for our clients where we charge a mere amount of $49 for the state filing fees. For the first one year, you receive a service from our registered agent where you get to resolve queries and problems and not having to approach a sales person.

With a reputation of serving numerous clients, you can trust us to watch your business grow leaps and bounds.