Top Areas for Commercial Property in Birmingham

In recent years, integrated commercial properties for sale in Birmingham levels have been greater than other cities such as London and Manchester. However, this picture is changing now. The search for financing opportunities to build development models for developers and urban agents has attracted a lot of attention.

As noted in this article, Birmingham is building over 1,500 single-family rental apartments and over 1,000 apartments will be under construction next year.
Birmingham is one of the youngest cities in Europe. About 80% of downtown residents are tenants and it has extended the benefits of professionally managed rental housing to the private leasing department. It is implemented by the end user. Be sure to seek more details at Loveyourpostcode.

Investors should focus on the downtown area. Central areas, including the business districts and commercial areas of the ring, are exploding – not only in terms of price, but every year, in terms of the number of businesses expanding in the city. Commercial properties for sale in Birmingham can be an uphill battle when it comes to leasing, from an endless glance to a good value for money. We looked at the popular residential neighbourhoods in the area and chose the top five. We base our selection on four standards: affordable prices, availability, facilities and transportation connections. If you are looking for the perfect commercial area, check out the suggestions below or check out more tips at Proplist. 

Moseley/Kings Heath

Mosley’s rent is higher than Kings Heath’s rent, but over time you’ll find bargains in both areas. Typically, you will pay around £810 per calendar month for Moseley real estate. Most of Moseley’s rental properties are apartments and rentals are usually more expensive. The average price of a house is £ 1,400. In terms of usability, Moseley has an active red market. They rent many properties all year round. There are 100 properties to rent and 24 properties have increased in the last 14 days.

In comparison, the average yield of Kings Heath is £671 PCM. There is a more even distribution of apartments and houses in Kings Heath and many properties with a terrace around High Street are available for rent. The number of homes available is slightly lower – only 45 – but if the price of your home is slightly lower than Mosley’s, you usually have a lot of options.


The average price for Harborne is 918 square feet. Here, you often pay higher than anywhere else in the city, but you can find cheaper properties – they offer 85 units at prices ranging from £250 to £500. Most of the housing available on the market is residential. As a result, you pay more than King’s Heath and Moseley, but you are more likely to find a larger property in the area. The Habern market is booming, with 338 units and 42 new homes in recent weeks.

Jewellery Quarter

the region continues to explode, commercial prices in the Jewellery Quarter are skyrocketing. For the postcode B3 which is part of the Jewellery area, the average rent is £930. If you are looking for a property here, you may find it difficult because most properties are apartments. Of the 83 properties on the market, only 4 are houses. However, this area has luxurious apartments. Most of the neighbourhood’s industrial buildings are quaint New York-style apartments. Birminghamlive has more suggestions regarding this.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke